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My brand new training program is designed to help you tear off body fat and get leaner...


... FAST!


Better yet, it was made for barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises - so you can reap the awesome results in a home gym or a commercial gym as long as you have access to basic training equipment. Enter your information below, read the program overview so you know how it works, and register your 2021 body transformation right now!


* Final day for registration April 1st.


Get Crazy Results With My Brand New Training Program

Fast-track your transformation by applying science-based methods, which leave no stone unturned to get you into the best shape of your life - so far! This brand new training program uses barbells, dumbbells and bodyweight exercises - no need for a commercial gym!


You can even win an awesome prize at the end for the best overall transformation.

The Program

This expertly-designed fat loss program utilizes a 1-2 combo of circuit training with the proven muscle building benefits of compound supersets!


And when used alongside the ready-made nutrition plan, the results are set to be even more impressive.


Previous Challenge Winners



Female Champion

Beauty & The Beast

"I wanted abs... I got them!


Russ kicks my butt in the gym, but I've never felt happier with how I look. Bring on the next program."



Female Champion

Beach Bum

"I'm so much more confident with my nutrition since I found Russ.


If you've ever found fitness confusing, Russ has been a God-send."



Female Champion

Classic Size



The shape and size of my legs now is what I've always wanted, but never got - until now!"

Train Alongside Russ

Inside the program itself you'll see me demonstrating every exercise for you, and explaining all of the techniques you'll be using in plain English.


Essentially, the "leg work" has been done for you. Just read the program overview to get a handle on the method and then follow the plan. Simple!


And there's more... you get to build your best body alongside me!


That's right, I actually run the program at the same time as everyone else, so you'll see me uploading live videos to social media from the gym and running Q&A sessions on Instagram to dish out additional training tips you can apply as you go.


What You Need To Know


Register March 20th- April 1st


This is a 6 week program. I'll choose the winner from everyone who starts their plan between the dates above.


Before Photos


To chart your results in the challenge, you must take a before photo of yourself for verification.


After Photos


You'll also be required to take weekly progress photos, and one last picture showing your final results.

* Members of have access to the program at any time, but in order to win the challenge you must be registered by April 1st.

Challenge Prizes

As well as feeling awesome every time you look in a mirror, the winners of the top transformation will receive one of the following cool prizes.


Free Lifetime Membership To


Now that you have your new body, let's focus on keeping it - or perhaps making it even better!


You'll be able to do just that with free access to all the workout plans on the website - forever!


Exclusive Training Gear


I expect you'll never want to cover up your new body when you finish this program.


However, on those rare occasions where you have to, you'll have some awesome training gear with this awesome hoodie and t-shirt, complete with my famous 'R' logo.


Join The Challenge TODAY!


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In addition to unlocking this training program, you will also get unlimited access to all of my other training programs, diets, and supplement plans, with more being added all the time!