Helen and Jenny trained regularly, but they weren't happy with their results.


Friends since high school, these two ladies had been through thick and thin together: college, new jobs, relationships, each starting a family.. they even worked at the same company.


Even though they were busy, they'd always make time to meet after work and squeeze a gym session in. But despite having a shared dream of being in great shape, neither Helen nor Jenny was truly happy with their body.


Until one day, Helen discovered she was being temporarily transferred to a branch across the city... and what happened next changed everything.


For the duration of her transfer, she decided to join a new gym and, seeing as she was training solo, she decided to try a few different things.


When she returned to her office six weeks later, her pal Jenny (and the rest of her colleages) could not believe it... Everybody else looked like their normal selves, but Helen looked like a completely different woman.


Fitter. Leaner. Stronger. Holy s**t!


Despite trying her best to remain professional, Helen could feel them looking. She heard a little gasp of "Whatever she did, I want to know!" when she walked into the room.


And hey, she kinda liked it...


After all, she'd worked hard to earn those results and deserved every moment of pride and confidence that came with it.


What Made The Difference?


Have you ever wondered what makes this kind of difference in people's lives? How do we go from being unhappy with results, to suddenly spiking our progress beyond even our own wildest expectations?


It isn't merely that one person wants results and the other doesn't.


Because rest assured, everybody wants results.


The difference lies in what each person knows, and how they make use of that knowledge.


In the case of Helen, she immediately set about helping her friend to make the same transformation.


To her, one of the best things about getting in great shape was being able to share that happiness with her friend. After all, Helen realized that the techniques she used to finally see those results were not designed just for her, but that they could give anybody (literally anybody) the knowledge to build the shape, the curves, the body they've previously only hoped for.


And that's precisely what she did.


Here's the thing...


Ever got frustrated at yourself and asked why "they" can seemingly get in great shape but you cannot?


I feel ya, my friend.


Heck, if you have a busy job or kids (or both!) sometimes just getting to the gym feels like an achievement in itself. And once you get there, making the most of that time can be just as stressful.


I mean, every magazine or expert claims different things. And of course you don't have the time to try separating the good advice from the poor advice, so you just have to HOPE they're right and HOPE they'll deliver any results you can actually see in the mirror.


And the worst part?


They never do!


In fact, all that really happens is we waste a couple more months without seeing the shape we long for. We feel constantly frustrated, and crave that body which makes your eyes light up every time you catch sight of it in the mirror.


Sound familiar?


You aren't alone.


Now imagine a world where you know exactly how to get the results you want.


Imagine you could simply turn up at the gym, choose what type of workout you'd like to do today (i.e. cardio, weights) and know it would get the desired results.


Ah, the stess-free life.


A world where there was no more getting frustrated with yourself. No more beating yourself up. No more pressure to swap exercises and programs all the time for fear of missing out. No more "this might work for them but I bet I can't do it..."


Imagine what that would do for your confidence, too.


Those little self doubts would be gone. Instead, you could enjoy being the you that you've always wanted to be. You can revel in the feeling of walking past a mirror without being self-conscious at all, and laugh to yourself in those quick moments you catch your co-workers glances.


Finally, imagine having the luxury of not worrying about whether you're doing 'the right thing.'


This would make it so much easier to stick to your diet, right? Because suddenly you know it's worth it. And the uncertainty around your next workout is replaced by actually looking forward to it because it simply means you're going to unlock even more results!


Heck, you can spend far less time stressing about this body you're trying to build, and more time enjoying having it...


Sounds great, right?


As it turns out, for many people, this is already a reality...


I'm Russ Howe.


If you don't already follow my fitness website, I've spent the last two decades working as a personal trainer specializing in fat loss.


In that time, I've helped thousands of men and women build their best body, and I've been fortunate enough to keep myself in top shape over the years, too.


(See cheesy photo.)


But it wasn't always this way.


Why am I telling you this?


Because I don't want you thinking, for some reason, that you cannot do it. We all tell ourselves these things, but they are simply not true.

Russ Howe PTI The Rip Down
Russ Howe PTI The Rip Down workout plan

I started working out in my early teenage years and, rest assured, I made every damn mistake in the book!! Quite frankly, I learned what not to do.


I spent hours and hours in the gym most days, trying to fit in all the different things I'd seen in magazines and on television. The amount of "clutter" in my routine was simply insane.


Worse still, the thought of being around my friends without a shirt on actually terrified the life out of me.


After all, I was the guy who went to the gym so much it seemed to define me. I'd stress myself out, thinking they must be expecting far greater results that those I had.


So I'd end up not going at all...


Yep, it was that bad.


After five years (and almost ZERO results!) I decided it was about time I picked up some real knowledge...


I attended my local college, achieved a gym instructor qualification, and finally began applying a little bit of science to my workouts.


At first I felt ripped off at the amount of BS I'd been told in the gym. I knew I'd always been trying hard, but I'd wasted a lot of time doing the wrong things, and I was furious with myself.


When I stripped away the stuff I didn't need, my time in the gym was cut in half, yet my results were far better!


(See next cheesy pic.)


But as the results started to come along nicely, what shocked me more, perhaps, is that I discovered I had a love for the science behind training.


See, certain things worked for me, and other things didn't, and I wanted to know why...


It bugged the life out of me, and I just wouldn't let it go.


So I became a student of the fitness game, embarking on course-after-course, qualification-after-qualification, applying all these new methods and new training principles to my own physique to see what got the best results, and what didn't, and the reasons behind it.


I remain a student of the fitness game to this day. I find it fascinating.


Because once you know what works, and how to make one hour as productive as three hours, you never want to go back to guessing and just hoping you're not wasting your time.


I've been fortunate since then to work with and help a lot of different people, and to be featured in these marvellous publications you see on the page, but it was these early years of trial and error (mostly error!) which laid the foundation for what I do now, and made me who I am today.


It's also why my clients trust my methods to get them fantastic results.


I'm not saying this to brag. Far from it, in fact. I'm saying this to give you full confidence that what I'm telling you will help you, and be the fastest way of building your best body.

Russ Howe PTI


❌ Myth 1: You gotta live in the gym! Outdated "broscience" claims you need to spend hours of your day in the gym to see any results. Two hours of this... two hours of that... Man, I have three kids and a job, who has that kind of time?! If I trained this long, I have no doubt my home would look like a scene from Mad Max when I got back, toddlers running around with mohicans, draining petrol from the car to sell on the black market, my partner ready to battle me in the Thunderdome for being such an a**, the works... As a result, the majority of people unfairly write off their chances of owning a great body because they know they can't commit an ungodly amount of time per day to do it. And it's a lie.


❌ Myth 2: Seeds and f**king rice! Most fat loss advice is geared around gruelling diets that would be deemed punishment for crime in some countries. This isn't optimal for success. The "broscience" belief that you need to eat like a rabbit is enough to scare most people away from the results they really want. And it's a lie.


❌ Myth 3: Weights is better than cardio for burning fat! Guys who don't do any cardio insist on saying things like, "Weights will burn more calories anyway." Nope. Cardio will burn significantly more calories than weights if you know how to apply the right methods. And the key to really maximizing that burn is to also combine it with the most effective style of weight training for fat burning. It'll make you a better athlete. Broscience scaremongers claim that cardio is unnecessary and will make you 'lose your gains'. And it's a lie.




You know what sounds better than " worked for me..."?


I'll tell you...


"It worked for me, and thousands of others!"


Because that's more than just anecdotal evidence, or "broscience", or opinion.


It's more than a mabye. It's actual proof.


Back it up even further, with research that can document why it works, and now we're talking my friend.


There's a huge body of scientific literature out there which will actually show you the most effective ways to drop body fat and get in great shape. It can even teach you the most effective eating strategies, and supplemental guidelines.


(As well as revealing what is complete trash!)


Using this monumental body of research, we can construct a highly effective training plan designed to cut the "clutter" and help you focus only on what actually works, so you can get the most out of your time in the gym!

Fat loss workout plan

As an example, let's use this to dispell the mistakes most people make in the gym, and eliminate tactics which simply waste our valuable time.


Of the three fitness myths above, I'm guessing the one that stood out the most is likely the Cardio vs Weights belief, so I'll bust it right here for you.


A 2012 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology compared the effects of cardio versus weights to see which actually burns more calories.


They discovered that the group performing cardio yielded a significantly higher total calorie burn than lifting weights!


Take a look above, however, to see that performing both types of training is a sure-fire way to rocket your results even further!


However, I can make it even better...


You see, different types of weight training create different outcomes.


The Journal of Strengh and Conditioning Research drills down into this further, by publishing the results of studies which actually compare the metabolic effects of various weight trianing strategies.

Everything from the method of your set, to the optimal rest time, and even the best workout frequency has been meticulously studied and broken down over the last 30 years.


As you can see, science has already gone a long way to pointing us in the right direction.


The problem is that most people don't have the time to look for it, or don't know where to start...


But this is where things get incredibly interesting...


"Before I started, my biggest problem was conflicting advice.


I wanted a more toned body while still to maintain a feminine shape, but I wasn't sure what to do to get the most of my time in the gym because everyone said I needed to be doing totally different stuff. Also, I was very, very lost with my diet - I literally LOVE food, and everyone was saying I can't have this or can't have that.


It used to drive me crazy, and I'd miss social events and just feel constantly stressed out about what I wanted to eat but couldn't, and what I wanted to look like, but didn't.


I was stuck in a loop of starting then stopping, I'd doubt myself (or get bored of it) because I was working without a real plan, and I could only last a few days of eating a strict diet before falling off the rails and gorgeing on too much junk food...


... I hadn't made much progress, despite the constant stress and pressure I put myself under.


Thanks to Russ' work I quickly started seeing results in the gym, and training became much clearer. I got rid of all the things I was doing which weren't necessary, and focused on those that were bringing me visible progress.


Russ also has a way of getting me to work HARDER, thanks to the challenge aspect of the workout and his little sayings he likes to throw at you when you're thinking you're a goner.


I also learned about flexible dieting and, more importantly, how to apply it properly so it actually WORKS.


I can now keep my target weight, I'm happy with my shape, and I am able to do so while eating my favourite foods. Trust science!"

- Helen, UK


"I've always enjoyed training, but I was definitely a 'cardio bunny'.


It wasn't intentional.


I wanted a leaner, firmer body and I knew that I should be lifting weights, but I didn't really know what exercises or techniques I should be doing, so I kept on pounding the treadmill...


Russ is the one who taught me how to get the benefits I wanted out of weights, and this type of training becomes really addictive once you get going with it.


You get worked hard, and you'll curse his name when you see what's coming on the next set, but that's because the methods work! It completely changed my mindset in the gym, now I know my training is much more effective at helping me build the body I want, I can simply focus on enjoying the challenge aspect of it and seeing whether I've got what it takes to make it through.


It's like a weight off my shoulders, not having to be concerned with worrying about whether I'm doing 'the right thing' or 'the wrong thing' anymore. I just turn up and get to it!


Really happy with my results, and I'm not finished there yet!"

- Tammy, Australia


The fat loss program that teaches you how to burn more fat in 40 days than most people do in a year... using a jargon-free, scientific approach to fat loss that's proven to work!


More specifically, here's how it's going to work...

The Rip Down Russ Howe PTI

✔️ In section 1 of the download, you'll receive a full 40 days of results-driven fat loss training. I'm literally plotting your way from Start to Finish, because The Rip Down is designed to help you build your best body. 


✔️ In section 2, you'll learn how to apply my proven training methods to your routine immediately, so you arrive at the gym ready to get the absolute most out of your training time.


✔️ In section 3, you'll discover the key differences between cardio and weight training for fat loss, and how to get the most out of both. This is where most people are completely lost! You'll know what you're doing, why you're doing it, and how to do it properly. Nothing is left to doubt or 'broscience'. The Rip Down deals only in facts, and that's why it works so well!


✔️ In section 4, you'll learn EXACTLY how to structure your nutrition to promote maximum fat loss thoughout your training. I don't just want you to look great, I want you to feel great, too!


✔️ In section 5, you''ll learn how to squeeze your favourite foods into your diet in a way that doesn't hold back your results. My top clients continue do this, and if you're the type of person who has always struggled to stick to a diet in the past (or felt they were too restrictive with food choices) this is a real game-changer for you!


✔️ In section 6, you'll unlock sample meal plans to follow. These are the exact same meal plans I follow. So if you're short on time, you can literally 'plug and play' the system exactly like I would!


✔️ In section 7, you'll learn the exclusive list of supplements my clients use to raise their results up another notch. I don't want you to waste time nor energy on the things which simply don't work.


"My busy job always used to get in the way of me building the firmer, stronger shape I always wanted to have.


I'd beat myself up for not looking like the girls in the magazines, and my confidence was pretty low because of it.


I knew I wasn't eating right, and when I got to the gym I wasn't using my time properly to do the things I should have been doing for the best results, spinning my wheels without seeing any real changes.


With my work life, I didn't have the time nor energy to sift through all the fitness articles and advice to see what stacked up and what didn't. I wanted something that could do that leg work for me, allowing me to just focus on what needed to be done to get the results I want.


This has changed all of that for me!


I now know EXACTLY what I need to do. And I KNOW it works because it's all based on real science and years of results, and I can just look at my own body to see it. The best thing is having everything laid out, so I can just go and do it.


I know how to prioritize my session, I know how to train for the body I want, and seeing the results in the mirror has helped me to finally defeat those confidence issues once and for all."

- Phoebe, UK

Russ Howe PTI The Rip Down



I'm the least "woo woo" person I know...


but what I can tell you is this:


If you made it this far down the page, it's a sign.


It's a sign that you want to build a great body.


You see the great life that comes alongside owning your ideal physique...


You know what it would also do for your confidence...


And you saw how anybody can start The Rip Down and achieve great results...


Even if they aren't fitness experts...


Even if they've never had great results previously...


Even if they are working with a busy schedule...


The question is: what are you going to do about it?


You could put it off for "some day."


Or you can take 2019 by the horns, go all in on your training, and see what happens.


And with my rock-solid guarantee, it's truly risk free.


Remember, you get to try The Rip Down for 40 days for yourself. And we believe that this training is so amazing, so powerful, and so life-changing, we're willing to GUARANTEE you results. With this guarantee, there are no downsides. We are so PASSIONATE about this program, and so CONFIDENT that it delivers MASSIVE VALUE, that we GUARANTEE your life will be impacted in a positive way by it.


Test the methods, apply the knowledge and the workouts, and watch how your body changes. I think you'll be damn proud when you complete it, and you'll deservedly want to show your results off (be sure to e-mail me your transformation, too (I often send out free t-shirts to people who make transformations using my work!). But if for any reason you're not happy, simply e-mail me and you'll get a full refund. It's that simple.. All you need to do is commit to doing the work of the program, which I know you will, because that's why you're here.


Earlier, I told you about how Helen wasn't getting anywhere in her gym until she applied the methods explained right here in The Rip Down.


She had reached a point where she almost pulled the plug on her dreams of having a lean, more sculpted physique, one which would actually excite her at the prospect of attending events and get-togethers so she could show off it off, because nothing had previously worked for her.


But luckily she didn't.


She jumped at the chance of taking on The Rip Down, then she built the body she'd been striving for all those previous years, and she never looked back.


The knock-on effects it had on her confidence and happiness were just as impressive as the physical results she achieved...


... and I hope my last few words on this page will be the gentle nudge you need to do what you already know you need to do.

The Rip Down Russ Howe PTI

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