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Enjoy Science-Based Workout Programs!


Some trainers like to buy into whatever the latest gimmick is and hope for the best.


I go with science.


This harks back to when I was 9 years old, strapped to a hospital bed with a collapsed left hip and expectations that I'd "never walk again".


We used science to defeat all of those predictions, and it's something I've relied upon when building my most popular workout plans from the very start.


This is why my clients post about seeing such awesome results.


You see, despite all the confusion surrounding getting in great shape, the facts on building muscle and dropping body fat are out there. They're at our fingertips. The problem is nobody has the time to find or decipher decades of academic research to get their answers.


I do.


In fact, it's my life's work!


Every program in your members area is built with REAL SCIENCE, with the objective of getting REAL RESULTS. These are the very same programs my top clients have used over the years to achieve the transformations you've seen on my website!


And now for the first time ever, you can have them, too.


And that's not all...

The Shred System:

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Lean AF!


Ready for a startling statistic?


85% of people who lose weight will regain it all in less than a year.


So why does that happen? Well, let me make something very clear:


It's not your fault.


The real culprits here are the people giving out terrible advice. With so-called "experts" claiming you can't eat this, or that... or that you must never eat at night because it'll be stored as fat (!?!)... it's no wonder people feel lost!


It makes me angry to see charlatans profit from such bad information, and it's time for that to END.


So, just like with training plans, let's use REAL SCIENCE to whip you into shape!


Introducing "The Shred System"...


This is my comprehensive step-by-step guide teaching you EXACTLY how to diet for fat loss!


Better yet, you start at the very beginning. Whenever you reach a plateau you simply turn the page to the next step. I'll also show you how to KEEP your results without rebounding back to square one!


"The Shred System" is built around your own body goals, and to make it even easier it's entirely numbers-based - meaning you CAN eat your favorite foods along the way!


You'll also be able to use my no-nonsense guide to supplements ("The 100% Stack"), which runs you through EXACTLY which supplements can help you get the best results, and removes all the nonsense.


This is the very same nutrition program my top male and female clients have used to achieve AMAZING RESULTS, and now you can, too!


But I don't just want you to take my word for it...

Super Simple Layout!

Your workouts will be hard, but using the website isn't hard!

Take a glance at how simple everything is laid out below.


What Real Members Say!


Over 100,000 men and women have transformed their bodies with Russ Howe PTI online workout programs. Are you next in line?




"I go to the gym and follow the Daily Trainer!


It's that simple.


If I want to switch things up, I just choose one of the nasty body part sessions.


I've been using Russ' workout programs for YEARS now because it's just so effective and handy to have there all the time. I love the fact that there are NO easy workouts! I think I curse his name in every session... but the results are totally worth it


I'll never go back to the old workouts I used to do, I've never felt better, and never looked better!"

Russ Howe personal trainer



"I have lost 60 lbs but I ain't finished yet!


In the past, I've always struggled with staying motivated long enough to see results, but now I don't have a problem! The workouts are so much fun, and it's like I'm seeing new results every single week.


Because of the way Russ explains things, I've had the confidence to try new methods I would never have attempted before. The mountain technique... pause reps... 100 rep dropsets!


It's great stuff. I feel like I'm training for a Rocky movie!"

Russ Howe



"I've never felt more confident in how I look!


And that's a big change for me - I'm usually putting myself down. I'd sit on my lunch break at work, scrolling social media and beating myself up for not looking like the girls on my feed.


The biggest change in me has been my mindset. The discipline from doing the programs here has shown me I can do ANYTHING.


Another change, of course, is my body.


I've always wanted to look curvy, and strong, but had no idea how to get the best results with the limited amount of time I had available. I used to struggle to make time for the gym due to my busy job, and when I did have time I had no idea how to make the most of it.


That's why I started training with Russ.


I'm so happy with my shape.. my strength.. my new-found confidence.. I want EVERYBODY to feel this way!"




"SO SIMPLE to use, and SO EFFECTIVE, you'll never want to be without Russ' programs in your pocket once you have them!


Russ taught me how to get in the best shape of my life - and without it consuming my life in the process! My friends can't believe that I'll still go for drinks, and still enjoy treats with them at the weekend.


For my recent holiday, I used the Beach Bum program, and it's my favorite so far. I want to be athletic and have more shape in my legs, and it worked really well.


In the last week of that program a friend gave me a onesie and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get my bum in there. Before I flew, I ended up buying size 10 underwear because of the shape I'd added to my thighs and bum, even though my waist has stayed a 6!


This is the best investment you'll ever make in yourself. Give yourself a month with it, and you'll NEVER want to be without it."

Take A Look At The Amazing Value. provides members with more high quality content than any other trainer WORLDWIDE.

You Also Get My "Iron Guarantee"!

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Do other trainers GUARANTEE you results?


No, of course not.


Well, I do. That's why I include my 30-day "Iron Guarantee" with every monthly membership! If you'd like to try the programs to see for yourself, you can use my Iron Guarantee to grab 30 days for only $1!


Are you ready to build your best body? I thought so!


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