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I Have To Ask You A Question.

Before you get stuck into the content on my website, I have to ask you a very important question...


First, I would like you to think of your ideal body.


Maybe it's a celebrity...


Or perhaps it's something you've come up with...


Now ask yourself:


If I want this physique, why don't I already it?


It's a tough question to answer, I know, because it forces us to look within and get past those bulls**t excuses we tell ourselves.


But here's the thing:


I want you to question yourself because I need you to get comfortable being uncomfortable. That's the first step to getting the kind of results you've never had before. In truth, the reason you don't have that body is likely not even your fault.


If you're like most people, you fall into one of these three categories.

"I've Tried Everything And Nothing Works!"

I hear this every day.


And you know what?


They're not lying. They have tried everything, and nothing has worked yet.


Unfortunately, a lot of the fitness industry is full of s**t. I'm talking about coaches who have never coached anyone. Trainers who care more about their ego than the success of their clients.


If you've ever felt like you've jumped from one thing to the next without seeing any results for it, I'm going to help you.

"I Don't Know What To Do For The Best Results!"

This is caused by information overload.


When everyone is telling us all the different things we supposedly "need" in our routine, it becomes untenable.


We either fool ourselves into believing we have to spend hours in the gym that we don't have (because we have jobs!), or we just coast and hope to get lucky.


Either way, it sucks!


So here's the truth:


There are lots of different ways to build a great body, but you do NOT need to apply ALL of them to be successful. Heck, you might only need to apply one of them. Ever.


There's also a stack of methods that flat out DON'T WORK, and we'll get to them later. It's my job to show you the methods that work. Then you get to play with them.

"I Can't Stick To A Program Long Enough!"

You know why?


Because you've never had a GOOD program!


Poor coaches will tell you it's because you didn't 'want it' enough. And that's absolute bulls**t. I know you WANT results, otherwise you wouldn't be here!


But most programs are BORING AF, and that means you won't stick to it.


If you've ever sighed at the prospect of doing another three sets of ten on a leg press, you know exactly what I mean.


Workouts need to be challenging. They need to have personality. If the prospect of doing something fills us with boredom, rest assured we won't do that thing for very long.


I'm going to show you lots of proven techniques that'll help you build the body you've ALWAYS WANTED (HIIT... Tempo sets... 100 rep dropsets that make you feel like puking), and you're going to find something you ABSOLUTELY LOVE.


That's when your results go into overdrive!


Training has gotta be FUN.

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All The Science-Based Workout Programs!


Some trainers like to buy into whatever the latest gimmick is and hope for the best.


Me, I go with science.


This harks back to when I was 9 years old, strapped to a hospital bed with a collapsed left hip and expectations that I'd "likely never walk again".


That was the beginning of my journey in the weights room.


We used science to defeat all of those predictions, and it's something I've relied upon when building my most popular workout plans from the very start.


This is why my clients post about seeing such awesome results.


You see, despite all the supposed "next big thing" gimmicks and the silly "they don't want you to know about this trick" ads we see all over the internet, the facts on building muscle and dropping body fat are out there.


They're at our fingertips.


The problem is 99.5% of people don't have the time to look through the decades of academic research to find those answers.


I do.


In fact, it's my life's work!


Every program inside is built with REAL SCIENCE, with the objective of getting REAL RESULTS. These are the very same programs my top clients have used over the years to achieve the transformations you've seen on my website - and now you can do them too.


I've done the "leg work", so to speak, and all you have to do is pick your latest plan and get to f**king work..

Fitness Nutrition - Done For You!


Ready for a startling statistic?


Here we go...


85% of people who lose weight go on to regain that weight in less than a year. Holy c**p! That's almost nine out of ten people!


But if you've ever struggled to lose weight (or struggled to keep it off), let me be clear:


This is NOT your fault.


Once again, the culprits here are information overload and confusion caused by years of terrible advice.


With "experts" claiming you can't eat this and can't eat that... or you gotta have a certain number of meals per day... or that you must never eat at night because it'll be stored as fat (!!)... it's no wonder people feel lost! It makes me angry to see charlatans profit from such bad information, and it's time for that to END.


So, just like with training plans, we use REAL SCIENCE to whip you into shape!


All the information we need is already out there, it's just buried under nonsense, gimmicks, and hype. We have decades of studies and trials analyzing the different types of diets we can use for the best results, as well as years of info on the ones that don't work.


Of course, I don't expect you to drag yourself through years of academic papers - I've done it for you.


Alongside the proven training plans, all members of receive access to my easy-to-follow nutrition templates. Use the quick sample diet plans which accompany all of my programs, or you can REALLY go for it...


Introducing "The Shred System"...


This is my comprehensive one-to-one guide which shows you EXACTLY how to build your PERFECT fat loss diet from scratch!


With this, you start at the very beginning.


Whenever you reach a plateau in results you simply move to the next step. It will also show you how to finish your next cutting phase without rebounding back to square one!


"The Shred System" is built around your own body goals, and to make it even easier, it's entirely numbers-based - meaning you CAN eat your favorite foods, just hit the numbers I've set for you!


This is the very same nutrition program my top male and female clients use in the gym to amazing results, and now you have access to do the same thing.


Sound awesome? Good! Read on.

What Real Members Say!


Join the THOUSANDS of men & women who have transformed their body with Russ Howe PTI.




"I go to the gym and follow my plan.


It's that simple. If I want to switch things up I choose one of the nasty body part sessions.


I love the fact that there are no easy workouts! Russ' methods are highly effective, I think I curse his name in every session... but the results are totally worth it


I'll never go back to the old workouts I used to do, I've never felt better, and never looked better!"

Russ Howe personal trainer



"I have lost 60 lbs but I ain't finished yet!


In the past, I've always struggled with staying motivated long enough to see results, but now I don't have a problem! The workouts are so much fun, and it's like I'm seeing new results every single week.


Because of the way Russ explains things, I've had the confidence to try new methods I would never have attempted before. The mountain technique... pause reps... 100 rep dropsets!


It's great stuff. I feel like I'm training for a Rocky movie!"

Russ Howe



"I've always been very hard on myself.


I'd sit on my lunch break at work, scrolling social media to all these perfect bodies and then feel awful because I didn't look like I wanted and rarely had time to train.


When I did eventually get to the gym, I felt like I was spinning my wheels.


I knew I wanted to look curvier and stronger, but I had no idea how to get the absolute best results with the limited time I had available.


That's precisely why I started training with Russ.


Fast forward to today and I've never felt more confident about how I look!


I actually enjoy training! I feel much more confident. Also, first time ever, I don't panic if I slip up on my nutrition because I know how to sort it out without setting myself backwards.


But while I love all of that, the biggest change overall is the weight which has been taken off my shoulders! Just feeling happy within myself, and not beating myself up any more, I never thought I'd have that confidence - and now I do!"




"You'll never want anything else with you in the gym. Ever.


I've been using Russ' workout programs for a few years because they always work. Whether he's training me in the gym one-to-one, or I'm following his plan on my phone, I just love the workout methods and the way he teaches them.


I've used the plans to lose weight, to improve my strength, and to gain muscle.


For my most recent holiday, I used the Beach Bum workout plan and it's my favorite so far.


I wanted to be lean but to have much more shape in my legs and look athletic, and it worked really well. In the last week of that program a friend gave me a onesie and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get my bum in there. Before I flew, I ended up buying size 10 underwear, even though my waist stayed a size 6!


This is the best investment you'll ever make in yourself. Give yourself a week with it, and you'll NEVER want to be without it."

You Have A Lifetime Of Experience By Your Side

russ howe pti

"It's time to get to work. If you've read through this entire page, you already know that I started in the gym when I was just 9 years old.


Sounds weird, but I'm 39 years old and I've already been doing this for 30 years.


You know why? Because I love it. I'm talented at it. I take genuine satisfaction from it. I don't say this to boast. I say it to assure you that you've found someone who can actually help you.


Starting so young gave me the opportunity to work with THOUSANDS of men and women as they built their best body, and to be featured in the respected publications you can see down below.


Simply put, I spent a lifetime in the gym so you don't have to.


This website gives you all the information you'll ever need to get your maximum results without any of the clutter or self-doubt other people have. I designed these programs to be so effective they have your pals wondering what you're doing (or what you're using!) to produce the changes they see in you.




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