Biceps Boom: Nutrition Overview

Build maximum muscle on my Biceps Boom program with this easy nutrition plan.

Biceps Boom workout plan

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“Here’s a comprehensive nutrition overview to use alongside my 6 week Biceps Boom program.

Of course, if you are already applying my Shred System nutrition plan or using the Carbon app to track your nutrition you can easily continue with thoe if you prefer.”

Nutrition Overview

I want you training HARD on ths program, so you’ll need a properly structured NUTRITION PLAN to go with it.

Otherwise we’d be leaving lots of potential gains on the table if we annihilated our muscles in the gym but failed to recover properly. I don’t like the that prospect!

So I’ve built this nutrition program specifically for you to use alongside my Biceps Boom training system. Each box of the nutrition plan has been ticked to ensure you are fully recovering from your workouts and really maximizing your room for growth.

Ready to begin?

CaloriesAre King

You can’t gain size if you don’t eat enough food.

I’m alarmed at how many guys complain they “can’t gain size” until I find out they have the nutrition plan of a rabbit. You will not be one of those guys, because I’m going to give you the structure you need in order to pack on some serious muscle mass, and it all starts with your total calorie intake.

On training days, we will be eating 16.5 calories per lb of target body weight, so working out your daily calorie target is very simple. A 180lb person (180lb x 16.5) would shoot for about 3000 calories. On non-training days we won’t need as much fuel for training so we’ll cut this to 14.5 calories per lb. A 180lb person (180 x 14.5) would shoot for about 2610 calories.

Make sense? Of course! Now apply this to your own target body weight.

Build More Muscle With Protein

Protein gives us the building blocks to recover from training. It is essential to results.

Plus, if you’re eating enough calories (see previous step), the majority of the protein you eat will be used to build rock hard muscle mass.

During Biceps Boom you’ll shoot for 1.5 grams of protein per lb, so a 180lb person (180lbs x 1.5) would aim for about 270g protein per day. On non-training days we will lower this target to 1.2g per lb, so a 180lb person (180lbs x 1.2) would shoot for about 216g protein.

These numbers aren’t just plucked out of thin air, of course! They’re the figures shown to build the most lean muscle in the shortest time. You’ll never need to go higher than 1.5g per lb of body weight (there’s no science to support doing it), and our lower protein target on non-training days will still be enough to help us recover before the next workout.

Apply the calculation to your goal body weight. Now you have your calories & protein set for training days & non-training days.

Support Muscle Growth With Fat

What’s the point in training hard and eating protein if you can’t make the most of it?

This is where fat comes into play. Fat is a key factor in hormone regulation, and two of those hormones in particular (testosterone & cortisol) play massive roles in providing your body with the platform to build new lean muscle tissue.

There are four different kinds of fat, and three of them are fine to consume on a daily basis (monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, and saturated fat). The only fat I recommend avoiding altogether is trans fat, as it provides no nutritional value to our body at all, despite being calorie-dense. Foods like egg, fish, peanut butter, nuts, and cooking oils are all good sources of dietary fat.

We will be aiming for about 0.5 grams of fat per lb of body weight so a 180lb person (180lbs x 0.5) will shoot for about 90g fat each day.

Apply this calculation to your own goal body weight.

Carbs For Increased In-Gym Performance

We certainly won’t be avoiding carbohydrates on this training program.

When your muscles are adequately stocked with glycogen (carbohydrates) you will perform significantly better in the gym, and this is PERFECT for Biceps Boom.

The “trick” is to strike the right balance, and this is easy to do because we’ve already set out other targets so now we simply work with whatever is left.

For example, our 180lb guy has a target of 3000 calories on training days, with 1080 of those calories coming from protein and 810 calories coming from fat. That leaves him with 1110 calories to “spend” on carbohyrates. There are 4 calories per gram of carbs, that gives him a target of 277g carbohydrates.

He is eating 2610 calories on non-training days, with 864 calories coming from protein and 810 calories coming from fat. That leaves 936 calories to use on carbs, which converts to 234g carbohydrates.

When choosing carb-based foods to eat I like to stick primarily to complex carbohydrates (oats, sweet potato, whole-wheat pasta) as these take longer for the body to break down, leading to a more sustained energy release. That doesn’t necessarily mean sugary carbs are bad for you, though. In fact I highly recommend you grab some immediately after each workout (notice the Gold Bears on the meal plan) because this will create a small insulin spike that we can use to enhance muscle growth. I’ll never demonize sugary carbs, but they tend to make a diet harder to stick to because they don’t satisfy us and have an adverse effect on our mood. So use them sparingly for maximum impact.

“Fill” Your Muscles With Water

Did you know a dehydrayed muscle loses up to 20% of its contraction force? You do now!

Also, water “fills” your muscle cells, making them look bigger and harder – especially when using creatine. We don’t want to lose those results.

Aim for 3-4l of water per day throughout the whole plan.

Easy Sample Meal Plans

Now that we’ve set out nutrition targets, it’s time to make our meal plans.

These meal plans are based upon the targets set above for a 180lb guy, so if your targets are similar then feel free to follow along or create your own to suit you.

The secret to a good nutrition plan is in realizing that there is no perfect nutrition plan for everybody. Success comes from hitting your numbers consistently, not eating certain foods or avoiding other foods, so feel free to include your favorite items as you go.

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