russ howe pti

If you want to get in great shape, but aren’t quite sure where to begin, then I’d love to help you.

My website gives you unlimited access to all of my training programs, plus easy-to-use nutrition plans and supplement advice. My goal is to take the doubt and confusion out of the gym, handing you a clear roadmap to get into the best shape of your life (so far).

russ howe pti

With a no jargon, science-based approach to training & nutrition which is proven to work!

Here at we like to make training simple!

You will have unlimited access to all the programs which my top male and female clients have used in the gym with me for the last 20 years, programs which have already been used by over 100,000 people on the website – so you know they work!

No more conflicting information or confusion… just results to show for it!

can you build muscle and burn fat at the same time

“Russ’ site is a weight off my shoulders!

I’m 7 years into my journey and loving life. At the start I learned how to lift with proper form, then I progressed, and I just love how simple he keeps it.”



“If I had this years ago, I’d be unstoppable!

I first worked with Russ to build my confidence in the weights room. Now it’s gone to a whole new level. I’ve dropped over 5 stone and absolutely love training. I feel as though I’m training for a Rocky movie”


“So simple and straightforward. I followed two programs so far, Biceps Boom and Classic Size, both of which were top quality and packed with useful tips and science showing why you’re doing the things you’re doing.”


“I’ve been using Russ’ training programs for years now!

I used to hear lots of conflicting things about what to eat and found it incredibly frustrating, but nowadays my friends joke they can’t believe I still go out at the weekend and stay in shape. This is all because I learned how to handle my nutrition to support my fitness goals. It is so easy when Russ shows you what to do. I love the way he lays things out and breaks down complex stuff so that anybody can understand it.

Same goes for training. I used the Beach Bum plan to prepare for my holiday last year and I felt incredible. My waist stayed size six but my thighs and bum were a ten.”



“I was always told that lifting weights would give me bulky manly muscles!

I used to pound the treadmill to avoid that, but I absolutely hated every second. Thank goodness those days are gone! Lifting weights is lots of fun and I have lost 13″ so far. Feeling lots more confident and happier in my body now.”


“I couldn’t recommend Russ highly enough.

If you get to the gym and struggle to know what you should be doing or which exercise is best for the body you want to build, it’s so easy to follow one of his programs where everything is done and you just follow what he said.

Using the Beach Bum program I’ve done an 80kg squat, a 400kg leg press, and my body just feels amazing to me.”


“I wouldn’t call myself a trainer if I didn’t include my own transformation!

You see, all of the methods you will use on my website are the exact same methods I use myself!

When I first started training I made every mistake in the book, and slowly, over time, I learned how to optimize my time in the gym for better results, while chipping away at the mountain of misinformation surrounding nutrition and supplementation.

Nowadays I probably spend half the time I used to spend in the gym, but as you can see, doing the right things is considerably better than winging it!”


russ howe pti

I’m Russ.

I’m a full-time dad and personal trainer with 20 years of experience in the gym, and I’ve been running this site since 2011.

Now in that time I’ve helped thousands of men and women to get in great shape, including athletes, bodybuilders, actors, busy parents, and complete gym newbies.

I don’t say this to brag, but rather to show you that you’re in good hands.

You see, there’s so much bulls**t in the fitness world, I want you to feel confident that you’ve finally found someone who can help you achieve your goals.

With this website I’d like to pass on my knowledgeto you – via the extensive training programs, articles, and nutrition plans included within – to help you truly build your best body.

My mission is to help as many people as possible…

… will you be next?

How many times have you seen a trainer guarantee results?

It’s rare, right?

Well, that’s exactly what I do!

Give me one single month and I’ll put you on the fast-track to even better results than you’d hoped for, and I’m so passionate about my work, and so confident that it delivers massive value, that I quite literally guarantee your life will be positively impacted with it.

That’s why every new member gets their entire first month for just $1!

This gives you an opportunity to apply my methods, follow a training plan, read all the articles you wish and test how easy it is to use my website in the gym for yourself. After which, you can either cancel with one click, or move to one of the two ready-made low cost membership options.

This is a feature I built-in to the website years ago, because I believe transparency creates confidence, and unlike lots of other trainers, I actually want you to put me to the test. I call it my “iron guarantee” and it’s included with every monthly membership down below.

Never run out of variety in the gym. Never feel lost or confused about training or nutrition. My website is designed to give you absolutely everything you need to get in the best shape of your life – and stay there!

Most specifically, here’s how it works…

✅ Research-backed training programs which give you MAXIMUM results. There are over 15 full programs waiting for you right now, ranging from 3 weeks to 12 weeks in length, and I regularly add more. Each program is built using the latest science on building muscle and burning body fat to take all of the “guess work” out of the equation for you, and then put to the test in the legendary Powerhouse Gym – so you know it works!

✅ I will give you the EXACT nutrition structure my top male and female clients use to whip their bodies into shape. It’s an ultra-simple formula (one which still allows you to eat your favourite foods!) and we call it The Shred System. I designed it to be the only nutrition plan you’ll ever need from this point on!

✅ You will receive unlimited access to my extensive article base, where I regularly dispell popular myths surrounding training, nutrition and supplementation as well as giving extensive breakdowns of all the programs you can use in the members area. So you’re not just seeing great results in the mirror, you’re learning as you go!

✅ Finally, I’m going to give you the power of choice!

You see, most people in the gym feel completely lost. They don’t feel confident that they’re doing the right things, they don’t know if they’re going to get results, they can’t find a program they enjoy and they’re not sure if there’s anything else out there that’s better.

You, on the other hand, you get to have it all.

This is a key feature of the website, because no two people like to train the same way. Sure, everything here is backed by science, but if I really want to increase your rate of success I need to see how you prefer to workout. What I mean by this is some people dig following lengthy programs for months at a time, and others like to shake things up every few sessions to keep things fresh.

The great news is you have all these bases covered!

You see, alongside the in-depth programs mentioned above (including long-time favorites Biceps Boom, Rage Against the Machine, and Beach Bum) you will also have access to my famous Daily Trainer* section. This is a real-time program which updates with a brand new batch of workouts every two weeks, so you never quite know what to expect (other than the fact the workouts are always nasty!). On top of that, you’ll also have unlimited access to the workout databse – featuring over 300 written workouts which gives you instant variety when looking for a one-off workout for the day.

(* 43% of members currently use my Daily Trainer as their main training program,)

How Much Is The Investment


It’s important to remember that I’m a full-time dad. I have three kids, and this played a huge role when I set the price of my website.

You see, most of the people who use my website are just like me.

Busy parents, normal people, not millionare superstars.

It is crucial for me to make it affordable for everyone.

When you take a look around the fitness industry for others who offer similar to what I do here, you’ll notice that the expected price of membership ranges from $12 per month to $45 per month.

(Worse still, they do not offer the level of detail you get right here!)

And that’s why I’m different.

Here at we only have two membership options. The first is a monthly membership which is just $7.99 per month (and actually the first month is just $1), and the second is a lifetime membership which is incredible value at $105 (one time payment for unlimited access forever, which is literally years of training programs and nutrition advice).

If you have not already decided which membership is best for you, I recommend grabbing the monthly option and using my “iron guarantee” to test out the website. You can easily switch plans later if you decide so.