russ howe pti

If you want to get in great shape but are unsure where to begin, then I’d love to help you.

My website gives you unlimited access to all of my training programs (which have helped over 100,000 others so far!), plus easy-to-follow nutrition plans and even supplement advice. The goal of is to kill the doubt and confusion which stops people from getting great results, handing you a clear “road map” to the best shape of your life.

Keep reading below for more information on how it works.

russ howe pti

Welcome aboard!

I’m Russ. I’m a full-time dad to three young lads, and I’ve been a personal trainer for 20 years, running this website alongside my PT business since 2011.

In that time I’ve been fortunate enough to have helped thousands of men and women to get in great shape, written for some pretty cool publications, and won an award for the website you’re reading right now.

I don’t say any of that to brag, but rather to show you that you’re in safe hands.

You see, there’s so much bulls**t in the fitness world I want you to feel confident that you’ve finally found someone who is going to help you.

In my time as a trainer my clientele has included everyone from athletes, bodybuilders, actors, and busy parents. Make no mistake; anyone can get in great shape! And now it’s my mission to help as many people achieve that as possible.

I’d like to teach you, via the extensive training programs, articles, and nutrition plans included within, how to build your best body.

Programs For Every Body!

When I created I wanted to give my followers a tool which made their training as straightforward as possible – so that’s exactly what I did!

You will have unlimited access to ALL of the programs on (the same plans which have been tried and tested by my PT clients in the gym with me for the last 20 years, and which have been put to work by more than 100,000 people on this website!), as well as all nutrition plans, research articles and even supplement guides.

Imagine the great results you could unlock if you had all of this at your disposal.

If you’re ready to build your best body, I’m gonna give you the tools to do it!

“It’s just so straightforward. I have used two programs so far (Biceps Boom then Classic Size), both of which are top quality and packed with useful tips. Keep it up Russ, so easy to use!”


“If you don’t feel confident lifting, or you feel unsure which exercises you should be doing to get the body you want, Russ just breaks it down and shows you. I’ve always struggled with sticking to the gym for more than a couple of weeks at a time, but I found it so easy to follow the programs here because everything is done.

I weigh 60kg and my proudest moment so far is either hitting an 80kg squat, or a 400kg leg press. Confidence is way up, and my body just feels amazing to me.”


can you build muscle and burn fat at the same time

“Russ’ website takes a huge weight off my shoulders, it’s like having a notebook in your pocket which tells you exactly what to do. I’m 8 years into my journey now. At the start I learned how to lift with proper form, and which exercises I liked the most, and then I progressed onto the nastier programs. I love how simple he keeps it.”


“Russ is my not-so-secret weapon. I’ve been following his programs for about 6 years and every time I need a kick up the butt, or to ask questions about supplements, he puts me back on track. The last program I used was Beach Bum, where my waist remained a size 6 but my thighs and bum grew to a size 10!

One of the main things I used to struggle with was the constant conflicting information about food. Russ squashed that. He has a knack for showing you what to do. I love the way he lays things out and breaks down complex stuff so that anybody can understand it and do it.”



“If I had this 20 years ago, I’d be unstoppable! I’ve lost more than 5 stone so far and my confidence has sky rocketed as a result. One of my fave things is that there are no easy workouts, there’s always something horrible in there which makes you hate him – but keeps you coming back for more ha ha!”



“Girls we need more people out there spreading the truth about weight training! Lifting weights will not make you big and bulky! It’s so much fun, and I’m down 13 inches so far. Feeling lots more confident and happier in my body, too!”


“Yes, it’s me!

The first pic is the result of working a full year of 17 hour days between PT clients and building this website. When I got to the end I figured, what better way to show you how effective my training plans are than to use them on myself?

So that’s what I did.”


Have you ever met a trainer who can literally guarantee results?

That’s exactly what I do!

That’s why I let very new member start with a first month for just $1. This gives you an opportunity to test drive the website, apply the methods, follow a program, and get stuck in! When the first month expires you can either continue with one of the two ready-made low cost membership options (below) or cancel with one click.

This is a feature I built-in to the website years ago, because I believe transparency creates confidence and, unlike lots of other trainers, I actually want you to test me. I call it my “Iron Guarantee” and it’s included with every monthly membership plan.

Give me one single month and I’ll put you on the fast-track to results – and I’m so passionate about my work, and so confident that it delivers huge value, that I quite literally guarantee your life will be positively impacted by it!!

My website is designed to give you absolutely everything you need to get in the best shape of your life… and stay there!

Most specifically, here’s how it works…

✅ Your members area is packed with research-backed training programs, all of which have been designed to give you MAXIMUM results. There are more than 16 full plans already, and more are added every month. Each program is put to the test in the legendary Powerhouse Gym South Shields before hitting the website, and they are designed using the latest science on hypertrophy and fat loss, complete with clear instructions to take the “guess work” out of the equation for you.

✅ I will give you the EXACT nutrition plan my top male and female clients use to whip their bodies into shape. This is an ultra-simple formula (and one which enables you to still enjoy your favourite foods!) which I call “The Shred System”. I’m not just gonna show you how to do it… I’m gonna teach you how to do it!

✅ You will receive unlimited access to my extensive article base, where I regularly debunk popular myths on training, nutrition and supplementation as well as giving detailed breakdowns on all the programs you can use in the members area.

✅ Finally, you will be provided with endless variety!

At last count (including all of the workouts in the many programs, body part workouts, home workouts, and three years of Daily Trainer workouts) there are 1892 workouts. All of which were designed by an actual trainer, many of which have their own theme, all to push you to your limits while helping you unlock great results you can see in the mirror.

Talk about variety! Better yet, this number grows every month because I regularly add more programs and/or body part workouts for members to use!

One feature which I mentioned above which we’ve not really talked about yet is the Daily Trainer. This is a real-time training program which mirrors my actual training plan, and it updates with new workouts every fortnight. So if you want to train exactly like I do, this is possible! 31% of members currently use the DT as their main training program.

I’ve added all of these features because in my 20 years of working in the industry I’ve noticed that, just like with nutrition, people have different preferences when it comes to training. Some people like to change things up regularly and not know what’s coming next (DT). Some people like having a comprehensive program to follow for 8-12 weeks at a time (you’ll have a full library of these to choose from). Some like to shake things up every time they go to the gym (you’ll also have a workout library with over 300 body part workouts allowing you to train this way). There’s no wrong way to do it, just do what you prefer!

How Much Per Month

So how much do you think a membership is?

I guarantee it’s less than you’re thinking!

It was crucial for me to make affordable to everyone, because the majority of people who use my work are regular people.

If you take a look around the fitness industry for others who offer a similar type of website to mine, you’ll notice that they are unable to provide the same level of detail you get here with training plans which have been tested on the gym floor by thousands of people before you (that’s because getting people in shape via my website is literally my full-time job!), and despite that, memberships to those lesser websites usually cost between $12-$45 per month.

So I decided to be radically different to “the norm”.

That’s why your membership is just $7.99 per month (and it gives you access to EVERYTHING). Better yet, the first month is only $1 which gives you an opportunity to test drive it for four weeks to see if I’m for you. Hey, no hard feelings if I’m not. We also have a lifetime membership for those who prefer to just make one payment and be done forever. That’s $105, and again it unlocks everything (including future programs, etc).