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I appreciate everyone who has taken time to send me their story, these make my day.

Keep up the great work in the gym!

“I follow the DAILY TRAINER workouts. It’s like a constantly updating routine and I literally dread the next block of workouts – because it’s always super nasty.

Years ago I used to pound the treadmill and always feel unhappy with my results, then after discovering Russ on social media I started following his training material and now I’ve been using it for YEARS! Each plan is so effective, and super easy to grab. I feel much better, I’m very happy with how I look, and even though I probably curse his name in every workout, it’s WORTH IT!”

Tammy (Australia)

“Such great content. So glad I found your website!”

Lisa (Australia)

“Been working with Russ since May and worked with him about 5 years ago as well. He is really enthusiastic about what he does and you feel like he genuinely wants you to succeed, even though he’s trying to destroy you at the time (LOL). He teaches you the science behind what you’re doing, really big on using proper form and executing moves correctly. His website is a really informative way to learn which exercises I can be doing. I always leave the gym feeling like I’ve worked my a** off.”

Paul (UK)

“Signed up after reading your epic article on HIIT. Tremendous workout plans so far; first time I actually feel like I know what I’m doing in the gym!!”

Bob (USA)

“Wow what can I say?! Russ is my PT in the gym, he’s an amazing PT who encourages you and pushes you way beyond your limits. I totally recommend this guy! x.”

Lisa (UK)

“I have been working with Russ for the last 2 years. My goal to improve my fitness and to tone. Russ is an absolute professional, listens to my goals and adapts training sessions to exercises that I enjoy. I would recommend Russ to anyone looking to improve their physical fitness.”

Michelle (UK)

“My friend pointed me in your direction. I’m loving the content, especially on IG, and the next step is using the workout plans. Wish me luck!!!”

Sophie (USA)

“In the past I’ve struggled with staying motivated long enough to see results, but Russ has been a total game-changer for me!

The workouts are tons of fun, I feel like I can see new results every week, and I got hooked in the feeling of pushing myself hard at the gym.

Russ is able to explain really complex things in a super-simple way that makes perfect sense. It’s given me the confidence to use loads of new methods I would never have tried otherwise (the mountain method… pause reps… 100 rep dropsets!).

Results-wise; my confidence is soaring, I feel like I’m training for a Rocky movie, and I’ve lost 60 lbs so far.”

Alethea (UK)

“Just wanted to let you know we appreciate you Russ. You’re doing a great thing with this website, so much useful information in one place, my GF and I are each down 10 & 11 lbs so far and it’s the easiest cut we’ve made to date. Thank you.”

Richard (USA)

“Russ’ programs have been excellent for keeping me focused on the stuff that works, and away from the nonsense I see on social media every day. He’s taught me loads of training techniques, but most importantly I’ve learnt how to get in better shape than I’ve ever been in before WITHOUT the gym taking over my life. I just turn up, rock the workout, and go home. The diet is easy, too.

I used the Beach Bum training plan to train for my holiday last year, and the results felt amazing. I ended up having to buy size 10 underwear to fit over my bum and legs even though my waist stayed a size 6! Job done!”

Heather (UK)

“Just wanted to say thank you for giving me the confidence to get in the weights room at my local gym. Your videos on YouTube showed me the techniques to get started, and helped me conquer the fear of lifting weights for the first time ever.”

Ashley (USA)

“Daily Trainer! Daily Trainer! Daily Trainer! I’ve got about half my gym using these workouts with me, such an awesome feature! Easily the best $7 I’ve ever spent on myself!”

Ashley (Canada)

“Thought I’d be brave and try ‘Beauty and the Beast’ legs. Even though you say in the intro it’s a brutal workout, I figured I got this… and I’m now on day 4 (FOURRR!) of sore legs. WTF?!”

Kelly (USA)

“If it’s good enough for The Rock, it’s good enough for me!”

Cane (USA)

“Russ what TF have you done to my husband?! Last night he headed towards the door in full waterproofs, when I pointed out it was pouring down (literally soaking, not just raining), he said ‘yeah, well, Russ says man the f**k up, so…’ and off he went to the gym! LOL! WHO IS THIS MAN?!

Carol (UK)

“After months of following your IG stories I decided to joijn the website today. Thank you for putting all these programs on here, wish I’d jumped in way sooner.”

Steve (USA)

“Russ is the most informed fitness professional I’ve ever encountered. As a trainer, he’s been an unbelievable mentor and help to me. And I consider him a friend.”

Joni (USA)

“Thanks Russ! I paid my old trainer $50 a week for workouts, and I felt bored. Your daily trainer is insane value and kicks my butt all the time. Increase your prices!”

Savannah (USA)

“Only on to my second week, and I can’t wait to go back and push even harder. Russ is so encouraging and really makes you believe you can do those last 3 squats!”

Amii (UK)

“Just wanted to say thanks to the realest guy I know in fitness. Keep doing what you do, it makes a huge difference to your followers.”

Michael (USA)

“Discovered your work through Men’s Fitness mag. Tried 4 of your programs now and always get top results!”

Andy (UK)

“Top guy. Makes everything so simple for you to understand as you can get a lot of people telling you all sorts of rubbish. Helped me with my nutrition and workouts are really well structured and fun. I’m only really just starting my journey so will edit this in future with my results but with the information provided I am expecting them. Website is also worth the monthly payment it’s very useful.”

Ste (UK)

“If I had to describe my old self, I guess I’d say cardio bunny. I’d never stray into the free weights section of the gym. After all, that’s for ‘the guys’, right? HA!

I gained the confidence to rock the weights from you. Nowadays you cannot keep me outta the squat rack, and I’m regularly telling other girls in the gym to look up your website!”

Rachel (UK)

“If you’ve ever felt insecure about body image or self-confidence, start training with Russ immediately. Seriously!

Having someone in your corner who knows what they’re doing is a MASSIVE confidence boost. He has a way of REMOVING stress from nutrition and training, and it works like crazy. I’ve noticed big changes in how I feel, and it’s led to changes in how I look, and it’s down to the way Russ teaches you about eating and training. The workouts are really hard and really fun, and the nutrition side of things is so straightforward.

This is so different to what it used to be like for me; I always felt too busy to train, I exercised without having a proper plan, and I didn’t know how to get the body I wanted. It didn’t help that I got contradicting advice all the time which took me nowhere, either.

Nowadays, I feel light years away from the person I used to be!

Training feels fun. I don’t pressure myself to be ‘perfect’. And my diet is much easier to stick to. Rather than punishing myself for falling off at the weekend, Russ taught me how to get even better results and how to never have to give up my favorite foods. It’s so different to what I’ve been told in the past, and it works! The fact that all the programs and nutrition is backed up by science just removes any doubt whether you’re doing the right thing. It makes such a big difference.

I’m so happy with my new shape, my confidence, and my strength!”

Phoebe (UK)


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