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Beauty and the Beast program overview

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Sometimes the only way out… is through!

Beauty and the Beast is a program like no other. For the next 4 weeks you’ll push your muscles way past what most consider failure. It’ll take you to a dark place which forces you to question your own character, and you’ll probably have fellow gym members wondering what the f**k is wrong with you.

And the weird part is… you’ll love it!

This is one of those programs which my clients regularly ask to re-run because it’s very effective, and the high rep training style is lots of fun. Not only are you gonna come out of this program in better shape, but also with a level of mental toughness and self respect which you never had before.

Program length: 4 weeks.
Frequency: 5 workouts per week.
Session breakdown: 1 muscle group per session.
Rep ranges used: Very high reps., but only three exercises.
Muscle Buster techniques: The Iron Mile.


Unlocking Your Inner Beast

The goal with this program was to take things back to basics, while also giving you something fun and refreshing.

I wanted to create a plan which made you remember why you f**king love weight training. With that in mind, we go forth into the night…

Each workout follows a simple structure:

  • 3 exercises
  • 3 devastating methods

I hope that second part pricked your ears up, because I’ve had countless clients who have under-estimated this plan and lived to regret it. Here’s how your session works:

Leg Extension3100120 sec
Barbell Squat420120 sec
Leg Press35090 sec
  • Devastating Method #1: The Iron Mile

Your first exercise uses the Iron Mile method, a nasty five-part dropset beginning with the most you can handle for 20 reps and then lightening the load every 20 reps until you reach 100 reps in total. There are three of these nightmarish sets to complete, so by the time you finish exercise #1 you’ll already be 300 reps deep! Also, I’ve deliberately chosen machines so you can adjust the weight quickly without escaping the burn.

  • Devastating Method #2: Four Sets Of 20 Reps

Exercise #2 gives you four sets of 20 reps. This might seem rather straightfoward after the brutality of the first method, but under-estimate it at your peril! You see, by the time you reach this stage the target muscle will already feel wobbly and zapped. These will test you.

  • Devastating Method #3: Three Sets Of 50 Reps

Exercise #3 is another high rep blast, and will leave you fit to burst! Depending upon the exercise selection I’ll either have you performing three sets of 50 normal reps or I’ll be breaking it into chunks for you (such as the leg press where you’ll do half of the set with feet low then switch to feet high, and dumbbell curls where you’ll perform half of the set with partial reps then switch to full reps). Basically, it’s gonna be f**king awesome!

Because as the old saying goes:

“If you wanna look like a beauty, you gotta train like a beast.”


Why, Bah Gawd,Why?!

There are two major benefits to training this way.

The first (and I think most important) is a mental transformation.

If you feel like you’ve been stuck in a rut with your training, or perhaps lacking motivation and needing a new challenge, Beauty & The Beast will absolutely rock your world.

I’ve seen it time and time again – people come out of this program an entirely different animal! When you’re waist deep in a high rep set, with no end in sight, and Mr. Resistance whispering in your ear “just quit!” but you find the intestinal fortitude to push on through, it builds the kind of mental toughness which stays with you for a lifetime!

Secondly, of course, there’s the physical transformation.

I’ve spoken a few times about the importance of taking a muscle to failure in order to make it grow. Given the tough methods you are using in Beauty & The Beast, this is something you’ll achieve multiple times per session for the target muscle, leading to quality results!

A 2010 study from Canadian researchers showed that training to failure can increase muscle protein synthesis (the muscle building process) by a whooping 60% (!), so this is why I’ll often have you performing sets to the point where you’re unable to complete another good rep. (1, 2)

training to failure muscle growth

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