As the tagline says:

“Failure is not an option. It’s a damn requirement.”

Beauty and the Beast is a program like no other. Four weeks of gruelling weights workouts that’ll have fellow gym members wondering what the f**k is wrong with you!

And the weird thing is…

You’ll absolutely love it! This is a program clients frequently ask me to re-use with them because it’s highly effective and, above all else, it’s LOTS OF FUN.

So, welcome to the devil’s playground.



You’ll be training five days per week for the next four weeks.

This program uses what’s typically called a “bro split”, where you attack one main muscle group per workout and then give that body part a full seven days to recover.

You also get every weekend off, so you can smash each new week with a full tank of energy.



Training to failure is a crucial component of building muscle.

In fact, a 2010 study from Canada showed that it can bump muscle protein synthesis (the anabolic response to training) by as much as 60%! (1)

This means it’s definitely something we want to be doing on a regular basis, and you’re in good hands – because Beauty and the Beast will put you in a state of “failure” few other programs can match!

Throughout the next four weeks you will be hitting failure at every opportunity, spiking muscle growth and having LOTS OF FUN in some devastating workouts.

You’ll hate me.. you’ll curse my name.. but at the end, you’ll thank me!

training to failure muscle growth

If you’ve already taken a look at the workouts, you might’ve been surprised to see there are only 3 exercises to perform in each session.

Don’t be fooled.

These exercises (and the methods applied to them) have been deliberately selected to give you some of the toughest workouts you’ve ever tried.

Here’s a breakdown of how the session works:

  • The Iron Mile

Your first exercise uses the Iron Mile method. This is a brutal 100 rep dropset. Reduce the weight slightly every 20 reps until you reach 100 reps. There are three of these nightmarish sets to work through, so by the time you finish this section you’ll already be 300 reps deep!

  • Four Sets Of 20 Reps

The second exercise is a straightforward four sets of x20 reps. You’ll feel zapped and wobbly from the first technique so these sets will compound the misery and drive you closer to failure.

  • Three Sets Of 50 Reps

Every workout ends with three sets of x50 reps. Certain workouts will have you doing 25 reps on each leg (lunges), or moving your feet into different positions on the leg press, or switching from partial reps to full reps on dumbbell curls, but in a nutshell you’ll always hit 50 reps per set in total – and at this stage in the workout, with all the previous volume behind you, you’ll be ready to burst!

high reps muscle building plan


The first time I describe an Iron Mile, people’s reaction is usually:

“100 reps?! Can I still build muscle like that?”

And the answer is yes… LOTS!

A 2012 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that high rep training (especially when taken to failure!) will create the same hypertrophy results as low rep work. (2)

It’s also easier on the joints, making recovery and high volume training very safe indeed.

These were key factors when my old friend Dave and I designed this program for you – Beauty and the Beast is a plan which can give your body a break from lifting heavy all the time, while still unlocking maximum results!

After you’ve followed the 4 weeks here, I recommend jumping into the heavier work of one of my more traditional programs (like Classic Size, Beach Bum, or Biceps Boom vol.2).

You’ll see insane progress!

high reps vs low reps

To understand why high reps are so effective for building muscle, we need to take a look at what’s going on inside the muscle cell as it works.

The body is notoriously lazy (or efficient, depending how you look at it), so it uses something called the size principle when deciding which muscle fibers to train. It likes to recruit these fibers in order from smallest to biggest in a bid to perform a task as easily as it can (preserving energy).

So how does this translate in the gym?

Well, if you picked up a heavy dumbbell and performed a shoulder press your body would initially try to hand the task to the smaller, weaker muscle fibers (slow twitch) in your delts. They would quickly realize they couldn’t handle the weight and the bigger, explosive muscle fibers (fast twitch) would take over.

(This all happens within a micro-second, of course!)

If you picked up a lighter weight and performed a shoulder press, your body would initially try to recruit those small and weak muscle fibers (slow twitch) but this time they would be able to do the job because the weight is lighter.

And here’s the “trick”…

The key to unlocking the hypertrophy gains of high rep training is to take your sets to failure. In fact, ALL of the studies which show how effective high rep training is for muscle growth had trainees training to failure. This allows you to fully exhaust the target muscle because it will hit BOTH types of muscle fibers in the same set.

For example;

If you grab some light weights and perform a shoulder press your body will give the task to those smaller, weaker muscle fibers (slow twitch) and if you continue hitting reps to the point of fatigue these fibers will begin to fall by the wayside. What happens now is the bigger, explosive muscle fibers (fast twitch) take over and you’re able to continue forcing out reps until true failure is achieved.

That’s how we get proper failure, and it’s also why high rep training “burns” so much when it’s done properly. So while the burn definitely sucks hard, it can be taken as a good sign (it means it’s working!).

Beauty and the Beast capitalizes on all of the above. Each workout is packed with methods that will take you to failure at every opportunity, and you will leave the gym feeling like the target muscle has “nothing left”.

Which brings me to another important thing…



There’s a popular gym saying:

“To look like a beauty, you have to train like a beast.”

It’s kinda true.

After all, the people who walk around in great shape all the time are the same people who have the drive to stick to their goals and hit their training even on the days where they didn’t feel like it.

So it’s important for me to mention that whenever I run Beauty and the Beast with a client in the gym I’m always impressed at the mental transformation which occurs alongside the physical changes.

I guess there’s nothing like a 100 rep dropset to make you adapt or die.

Training in this style is fantastic for building up the discipline which is going to be necessary for a truly great transformation. When you’re knee deep in a horrible set, with Mr. Resistance whispering in your ear telling you to “quit!”, there’s something about finishing those sets that stays with you forever.

easy muscle building diet


You can make ANY workout program even better by combining it with a solid nutrition plan.

Beauty and the Beast works best as a muscle building program, but it can also be used as a fat loss plan depending on the diet strategies you use. You’ll just not be able to train as hard in a calorie deficit.

If your main goal is to build size and strength with this plan I recommend using my “Supersize You” diet which you can see here. It’ll bump up your calories and give you a nutrition template which maximizes muscle growth thanks to optimal macronutrient partitioning.

If your main goal is to get leaner I recommend using my “Shred System” diet which you can see here. You’ll keep protien high enough to maximize gains and muscle retention, while stripping off body fat with a stready calorie deficit…

click here to read more and access the full program.




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