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What your response be if I said you could build the type of ripped, muscular physique you’ve always wanted in just 6 short weeks?

Oh, and what if I also promised you get to train arms 3 TIMES a week as part of the process?

Most of you would call me crazy, and I wouldn’t blame you. I mean, that sounds like too much fun!

However, that’s EXACTLY what you’re gonna do.

Welcome to Biceps Boom.

As the title suggests, the main goal of this program is to help you build the kind of sleeve-busting guns that have friends, family, and workmates wondering what the heck you’re doing (or what you’re taking!) to see such excellent results in a relatively short space of time.

I’ve spent years designing, tweaking and perfecting every detail of this program to develop what I consider to be the best arm-building program around – and now I’m giving it to you!

But before you get stuck in to the workouts, this comprehensive program overview will explain the various pieces of the jigsaw which all come together to make Biceps Boom so effective. One of these jigsaw pieces in particular, known as overcompensation, literally hands you the key to awesome arms….

Program length: 6 weeks.
Frequency: 4-5 workouts per week.
Session breakdown: 2-3 muscle groups per session.
Rep ranges used: Low, moderate, and high reps.
Muscle Buster techniques: Supersets, tri-sets, rest pause, negative reps, dropsets, cluster method, 21 drop method, boom method.

biceps boom workout program

The 3 Keys To Muscle Growth… Revealed!

You and I are a LOT alike.

Sure, our personal lives might be different, and you definitely have a better hairstyle than me, but physically we are very similar.

We both have ten fingers, we both have ten toes, we both have a heart, and the process by which our body builds muscle is largely the same for me as it is for you.

I’m telling you this because lots of folks falsely convince themselves that they can’t achieve great results, or that they’re not good enough to reach their full potential or that they lack some special ingredient which other people have. That’s not true, anybody can get in great shape. It’s not about talent, it’s not about skill, it’s not about genetics, it’s just a case of doing the right things on a regular basis.

So what would I class as the right things…?

Well, most people are shocked when I tell them that there are ONLY THREE WAYS we can build muscle.

But it’s true.

Despite all of the contradicting advice you’ve probably been given in the past, and all the fancy techniques you’ve been told to try, it really all comes down to just three things – and if your workouts aren’t doing any of them, you’re MISSING OUT on results!

Here they are:

  1. Progressive overload
  2. Eccentric overload
  3. Metabolic stress

The great news for you is that Biceps Boom incorporates them ALL, so you’ll be MAXIMIZING your results over the next 6 weeks, but let’s take a look at what each one does.

Progressive overload is the most famous of the three. This is the classic bodybuilding principle of subjecting a muscle to an increased workload in order to make it grow. For example, you start off lifting 10kg dumbbells and eventually progress to 15kg dumbbells. That’s progressive overload. Or you start off lifting 10kg dumbbells for 3 sets and eventually progress to performing 4 sets. That’s also progressive overload.

Of course, the main problem with this type of training is that you will eventually hit a ceiling (otherwise you’d be curling 100kg dumbbells and snapping tendons), so if this is your only training principle it won’t provide enough stimulation to see continous muscle growth.

^ ^ ^ Read that again, because it explains why most people in gyms are NOT seeing the kind of results they want.

That’s where the other two methods come into play.

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