Here’s a run-through of all the training methods you’ll use in this program.

Chisel: Program Overview

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Chisel is an 8-week program which can be used by beginner-to-intermediate trainees.

It’ll help you carve a lean, mean body using antagonistic periodization and supersets. Don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense right now, because this program overview section will show you how it works.

Here’s a quick run-through:

Program length: 8 weeks.
Frequency: 6 workouts per week.
Workout structure: This program uses supersets, and you’ll train each muscle group twice per week.
Rep ranges: Low, moderate, and high.
Muscle Buster techniques used in this program: Supersets.

Learn how to build muscle with supersets.

Supersets For Super Results!

Eagle-eyed website members may have already noticed that Chisel is a revamped version of my popular Afterburner program.

I have removed the cardio-acceleration aspect, so you’re just focusing on lifting weights here.

The primary technique is supersets; a battle-tested bodybuilding principle which has you pairing two exercises back-to-back into one “super set”.

This technique enables you to get a lot of work done in the gym in a relatively short space of time, as you’ll see when you follow these workouts! It’s also pretty great for fat loss. Back in 2007 it was discovered that the greater intensity of supersets boosts in-gym calorie burn by approximately 50% (wowza!), so the reward for working hard is a leaner, more chiselled physique! (1)

Here’s how they work:

  • Compound supersets

A compound superset means two exercises paired together for the same muscle group (e.g. bench press and flye). This is the version you’ll mostly do. I’ll either have you performing a low rep compound exercise then a high rep isolation exercise (the “post-exhaust” technique), or I’ll flip it around so you’re doing a high rep isolation exercise then a low rep compound exercise (the “pre-exhaust” technique). Both are very effective! (2, 3)

  • Opposing supersets

This is the version of supersets which you’ll mostly see in gyms around the world, where trainees pair two exercises for opposing muscles (i.e. biceps curl and triceps pushdown). You’ll do this during arm workouts. (1)

Learn how to build muscle with antagonistic periodization

Antagonistic Periodization

Antagonistic periodization is the real “secret sauce” of this program.

Chisel is broken down into four 2-week blocks, and your rep ranges will change each time you enter a new block.


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