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Definition: Program Overview

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the Oxford dictionary.

That’s where this program got it’s name.

Because this plan is built around a training technique known as Oxford Dropsets (these are explained below), and it’s going to help you carve a leaner, more muscular body in just 5-weeks.

Program length: 5 weeks.
Frequency: 4 workouts per week.
Workout structure: You’ll be performing x30 rep dropsets on every single exercise. The workouts use a combination of traditional training and pre-exhaust training.
Rep ranges: Moderate reps, high reps.
Muscle Buster techniques used in this program: Dropsets, pre-exhaust.

What are Oxford Dropsets?

What Are Oxford Dropsets?

Many people (maybe even you) have already used the Oxford method without realizing.

It describes performing 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise (see, told ya!).

Regular Oxford sets involve a descending pyramid system that starts with your x10 rep max weight. You’ll rest for about a minute and then reduce the weight by just enough to ensure you get another x10 reps on set two, and then rest again, and reduce the weight again just enough to ensure you get x10 good reps on set three.

It’s a training style which many of my other programs put to good use, so I’m not going to have you doing these in the traditional manner. Instead, you’ll be doing something called Oxford Dropsets.

What we’ve done here is remove the rest period between Oxford sets, so they are no longer three sets of ten reps, and are now a thirty rep dropset (ouch!).

After hitting the first x10 reps with the heaviest weight you can handle (with good form, of course!), you’ll reduce the weight just enough to help you squeeze out another x10 reps, and then you’ll reduce the weight again for another x10 reps.

NOTE: If you didn’t lighten the weight enough to be able to complete the full x10 reps, you’ll set it down and rest for a 10-count (aka the Rest Pause method), then go back in and complete what’s left.

Now, technically this means it’s only one set per exercise, but trust me, that one set is going to be tough!

Training this way across multiple exercises for different muscle groups is extremely fun, and it ensures you’ll be hitting muscle failure across several body parts in the same workout, which gives you the right to unlock an impressive physique to show off at the beach this summer!

What is pre-exhaust?

What Is Pre-Exhaust?

You’re going to have two upper body sessions and two lower body sessions each week.

Upper body sessions will be listed as A1 and A2, and lower body will be listed as B1 and B2.

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