russ howe pti full-body blitz

“There are few better ways to get jacked than full-body training.

This 6-week program can be used by trainees both new and old, with different rep ranges in every workout and optinal cardio challenges on non-training days.”

russ howe pti


Duration: 6 weeks
Frequency: 3-5 days per week
Main goal: Fat loss

  • Full-Body Blitz: Program Overview

    Full-Body Blitz: Program Overview

    Learn about the different techniques used in my Full-Body Blitz program with this detailed program overview.

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  • Full-Body Blitz: Nutrition Overview

    Full-Body Blitz: Nutrition Overview

    I recommend using my 8-week photoshoot diet alongside this program for maximum results.

    Open program.

  • Full-Body Blitz: Workouts

    Full-Body Blitz: Workouts

    See all workouts for weeks 1-6 here.

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