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We all have times where we fall off track and need a program to put us back on the right path.

For most people that time comes when the festive period is over and we enter the New Year (hence the name of this program), but really, it can happen at any time of year.

If you find yourself needing that kick up the butt and a desire to get yourself back on track, then you’ll love this program.

Program length: 4 weeks.
Frequency: 5 workouts per week.
Session breakdown: This is a high rep program which uses the pre-exhaust technique, so get ready for a serious burn.
Rep ranges used: High.
Muscle buster techniques: Pre-exhaust, rest pause, dropsets, unilateral training.

new year new body

It’s You Versus You

This program is all about getting back on track, and one of the best ways to do that is to make your workouts fun.

With that in mind, New Year New Body uses a somewhat unusual structure:

  • Week 1
    You will use the pre-exhaust technique this week (performing isolation exercises before hitting compound lifts). You won’t feel as strong on your compound lifts as a result, but this is fantastic for building muscle because you’ll find it much easier to achieve muscle failure.
  • Week 2
    This week uses a traditional setup, removing the pre-exhaust technique, so you begin each workout with a big compound exercise.
  • Week 3
    Now we go back to using the pre-exhaust technique. You’ll be stronger at this stage of the program than you were in the first week, so I want you to try adding at least 2.5kg to as many exercises as you can.
  • Week 4
    This week uses a traditional setup again, and your goal is to try to beat your previous weight by at least 2.5kg on as many exercises as possible.
new year new body

The Benefits Of High Rep Sets

You’ll never go below x15 reps per set on this program, and you’ll go as high as x30.

That’s because high rep training is one of the very best ways to get yourself back on track after a period of inactivity. The reduced stress it places on the central nervous system is a gamechanger, and there are a handful of additional benefits which are worth your attention:

  • Faster recovery between workouts
    High rep work usually necessitates lighter weights, which place significantly less stress on the central nervous system. This leads to quicker recovery between workouts.
  • Excellent for building muscle
    Studies show that high rep training is just as effective as low rep training when it comes to building muscle, so you can expect some great results over the next 4-weeks. (1, 2, 3)


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