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I designed this progam to give you a head-start in the gym during the festive period when the masses descend upon the gym. It’ll help you hit the ground running, with proven training principles and a solid nutrition plan that’ll have you seeing and feeling results from the get-go.

(Of course, you can also use this any time of year if you feel you’ve fallen off track!)

Here is a quick overview of the key features of New Year New Body. I’ll explain each one in more detail below.

Program length: 4 weeks.
Frequency: 5 workouts per week.
Session breakdown: 2-3 muscles per session.
Rep ranges used: 15-25 reps on all exercises.
Muscle buster techniques: Pre-exhaust, dropsets, supersets, unilateral training, rest pause.

Training Calendar

This is a four week program, and you’ll be training five days per week.

I’ve scheduled your recovery days for the weekend, but you can shuffle these if you prefer.

If you are unable to train five days per week but would still like to choose this program, I recommend going for it and simply carrying your remaining workouts over to the following week. It’ll take you longer than four weeks to finish it this way, but the program will still be effective. Alternatively, you could choose a full body program.

Here’s how each week is structured in NYNB:

  • Week 1
    Each workout will have you pre-exausting the target muscle with an isolation exercise, before heading into a big compound lift and then onto some high rep work.
  • Week 2
    Now we remove the pre-exhaust and begin each workout with a big compound lift. You will be able to lift heavier and see strength improvements, which will stay with you when you move into the next stage of the program.
  • Week 3
    We re-introduce the pre-exhaust technique and repeat the workouts from week one, but this time your primary goal is to increase the weight you lifted by at least 2.5kg on most exercises.
  • Week 4
    Now we remove pre-exhaust and repeat the workouts from week two, but again increase the weight you lift by at least 2.5kg on most exercises.

new year new body workout program

High Reps For Muscle Growth

People are often surprised to see that the workouts in NYNB never have you going below x15 reps per set.

Heck, some sets even have you applying muscle buster techniques where you’ll be pushing as many as x30 reps per set!

This is done deliberately, of course.

You see, gyms may be packed with folks who stay within the 8-12 rep range for their entire lifting lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to train. Lifting in the higher rep ranges has numberous benefits, particularly when you are new to the gym or returning after a lengthy lay-off.

  • Technique Improvements
    The best way to get better at something is to repeat it. This is why high rep work generally leads to improved technique.
  • Muscular Endurance Benefits
    One of the adaptations your body makes to cope with this training style is to increase muscular endurance levels, meaning you’ll finish this program feeling significantly fitter than when you started.
  • Faster Recovery Between Workouts
    One of the benefits to high rep training which most people overlook is that it places much less stress on the joints and central nervous system.
  • You’ll Build Just As Much Muscle
    The muscle building benefits of high rep training are exactly the same as low rep training, so you can expect to see some excellent results over the next four weeks. (1, 2, 3)


Using Muscle Busters For Maximum Intensity!

I’m a big fan of training to failure.

It ensures you leave all of your effort in the gym, which is the way I’ve always trained, and studies show it can bump the anabolic response to training by as much as 60%! (4)

When it comes to high rep training, reaching failure is even more important.

You see, it’s not just that some of the studies on high reps achieved better results by having trainees go to failure, it’s that all of them did. In fact, there isn’t a single study which achieved better results without going to that horrible point of failure.

So that’s why I’ve included several Muscle Buster techniques in this program to ensure you get there. These are like add-ons to your final set which promise to squeeze out any remaining effort the muscle has to give.

You’ll quickly get used to how they work in th gym, but here’s a run-through:

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