Here’s a guide to all of the training methods which are used in this program.

Reach Your Peak

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Ask ten different “fitness experts” for the best way to lose fat, and you’ll probably hear ten different answers.

Each one seems to contradict the last, and it generally just leaves people feeling overwhelmed and confused.

So fuck that.

The truth is there isn’t one single “best way” to do it. The process of stripping away body fat (and keeping it off forever) is best achieved by combining several methods. Reach Your Peak is a no B.S. program which gives you all the pieces to the puzzle, and I’m excited to see what kind of transformation you can achieve with it over the next two months!

Program length: 8 weeks.
Frequency: 6 workouts per week.
Session breakdown: You’ll be using full-body training here, but switching between different rep ranges in every workout.
Rep ranges used: Low, moderate, and high.
Muscle buster techniques: Supersets, Peak method, HIIT.

Reach Your Peak training calendar

Workout Calendar

This is an 8-week program, and you’ll be training six days per week.

I’ve pencilled in your recovery day for Sunday but you can change this if you prefer.

Your workout week will consist of three full-body weights workouts and three days of abs and cardio. Provided you have suitable space and/or equipment, the abs and cardio sessions do not necessarily need to be done at the gym.

Reach Your Peak

The Metabolic PEAK Cardio Solution

This program is built around a fat burning method known as The Metabolic PEAK Cardio Solution.

It was first shown to me by gentleman called Stephen Adele way back in 2001, and it’s something which I still use over 20 years later!

I didn’t truly know what this method was capable of when I was first shown it, but I always considered Stephen to be someone way ahead of his time. He was constantly following the latest developments in the world of sports science and supplementation, and looking back, it doesn’t surprise me that his supplement brand iSatori were responsible for introducing both creatine and beta-alanine to the marketplace.

So what we have here is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT) which promises to help you shred fat and get fitter than ever before in just 30-minutes per workout. (12)

It’s based entirely around timed intervals and perceived effort levels, therefore you can apply this to any cardiovascular equipment (or even an outdoor activity or bodyweight exercise).

If you imagine the RPE scale, where 1/10 is complete rest and 10/10 is absolute hell, you can use that as a guide to hit all of the levels in this workout. Let’s take a closer look at it now.

the metabolic peak cardio solution

Whether you perform your cardio on a stationary bike, like I do, or you jump rope, or go for a run outside, you simply can’t go wrong if you carefully follow the timed intervals and effort levels in the progressive pattern I’ve laid out for you.

I like to do this workout on my old Everlast stationary bike at home first thing in the morning. I’ve had the same bike for years; the seat is super comfortable, the buttons are easy to reach, and I just find it really enjoyable to smash a workout on it.

I’ll do the first three minutes at what I would describe as a level 2 intensity, and then I’ll increase my effort level to a 4 (moderate intensity, about twice as hard as my warm-up) and I’ll sustain that for three minutes. Then I decrease my intensity back to a 2 for two minutes, before increasing to a level 6. I feel a definite increase in my heart rate here, and I’m starting to breathe a little heavier. After three full minutes of this, I decrease to a level 3 and I keep it here for another two minutes, then crank up the intensity again. This time I go to a level 8, so it’s starting to become challenging to move the pedals, and I am sweating. I find a way to sustain this effort level for three minutes and then drop down to a 4 for two minutes to catch my breath. Now it’s time to pump it up to my peak tension; level 10! These are three minutes where I feel like I’m going “all out”, and the relief when I lower back to a 5 is huge. I stay at level 5 for two minutes, and then I try to go back to level 10 for another three minute burst. This one usually doesn’t go so well, as my legs are pumped and starting to feel tired, but I give it my best try, and then lower back to a 5 for two minutes to recover. By now I am simply cooling down my muscles and bringing my heart-rate back to normal, and when that’s done, I am done.

That’s it! Thirty minutes of calorie-burning, fat -melting cardio is in the bag.

the benefits of full body training

The Benefits Of Full-Body Training

People often underestimate the power of full-body training.

It’s every bit as good as traditional training, and some would argue it’s even better!

It’s a technique which I’ve used so many times over the years, and it never fails to deliver. It’s a great way for beginners to stagger their total volume over several sessions (instead of obliterating themselves in one and then not being able to walk for a week), and it’s also good for variety.

It even offers some interesting fat loss benefits which traditional training does not.

A study published in Biology Of Sport back in 2016 showed that swapping trainees out of a traditional Monday/Wednesday/Friday split (e.g. upper, lower, arms) and having them train three days per week with a full-body approach led to a 4% improvement in their fat loss results – despite the fact they were actually still doing the same total number of sets per week for each muscle group. (1)

The researchers believed this was because trainees were able to train harder due to the reduced number of sets per workout for each muscle group.

When we pair this with the benefits of high frequency training it really starts getting interesting. Norwegian researchers discovered that when they spread the workload of a group of elite powerlifters across six workouts instead of three workouts (e.g. same total sets per week) they increased muscle mass by an average of 10%! (2)

Considering the trainees were already experienced, those results are insane, right?!

We’re going to be using both of these strategies throughout Reach Your Peak, so strap yourself in for some fantastic results come the end of the program!


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