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The Big Sweat

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So you wanna be fitter and more ripped?

Then you’re in the right place!

The Big Sweat has been one of the most popular programs on the website since its release in 2019, with members all over the globe shredding fat and getting fitter thanks to the easy-to-follow (and highly effective!) methods contained within this 4-week program.

You’ll be using a wicked combination of HIIT, cardioacceleration, and reverse linear periodization (more on all of these below) to achieve your goals.


Cardioacceleration For The Win

Cardioacceleration explained

The name sounds complex, I know, but cardioacceleration is actually very straightforward.

Instead of performing a traditional weighted exercise (e.g. barbell bench press) and then taking a rest period, you’ll be performing your set and then hitting 30-seconds of a cardiovascular exercise (e.g. jumping jacks), and then taking your rest period.

See, I told you it was straightforward!

The basic rule here is that we don’t want to be standing around doing nothing between sets, so you’ll be doing these short busts of cardio after almost every set of your workout. It doesn’t take long for them to mount up. By the end of your session you’ll have performed about 15-minutes of additional cardio, resulting in a “bonus” calorie burn and considerable improvements being made to your fitness levels over the course of the program.

I have pre-selected your cardioacceleration exercises to make the program really easy to follow, but you can change them if you wish. You can use any cardiovascular exercise, just be careful to avoid those which happen to target the same muscle you’re hitting during your weights exercise (e.g. don’t perform jump squats after a set of barbell squats!).

Here’s some exercises you could use (or just stick to the ones I’ve prescribed):

Now I know what you’re thinking…

Won’t hitting short bursts of cardio between sets have a negative impact on your lifting performance?

The answer is no.


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