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Can you make The Cut?

We’re about to find out.

This is a brand new 6 week training system which works best when the goal is FAT LOSS. You won’t find any fancy machines and track based exercises here, but what you WILL find is a highly effective routine for dropping body fat – even when you’re limited in terms of equipment!

If you enjoy reading about the structure behind the training plans I create, this page will take you through all of the key components that make up The Cut.


This program was built for people training with home gym equipment, so every exercise in here uses either a barbell, dumbbells, or body weight.

As with all my other programs, if you are performing this in a full gym you are fine to switch things around and introduce machines, but I find this particular plan works BEST when we stick to the basics.


You will rotate between days of standard weight training and days of circuit-based cardio training.

There will be x6 sessions per week, although you can change this and work through the plan at your own pace if you prefer.

Every session works multiple muscle groups, too. This allows you to get the best of both worlds. I don’t just want you to look great, I want you to be fit as f**k.


You may have heard of supersets before, but what about compound supersets?

A key difference is that a compound superset pairs two exercises for the same muscle group, so you’ll really be attacking each body part with maximum effectiveness.

Compound sets are among my favorite Muscle Buster techniques because they’re a great way to absolutely FRY a muscle, and they allow you to get through an awful lot of work relatively quickly.


Your cardio days will use circuits to build your fitness and get you ripped.

Circuit training is absolutely brilliant for fat loss, and once again it’s a method which can be used to ramp up the intensity and productiveness of a workout even if you’re stuck for choice with regards to exercise selection.

The circuits in The Cut are no joke; each one lasts 5 minutes!


The reverse linear periodization model is incredibly useful for increasing hypertrophy and muscular endurance, making it a perfect fit for this particular training system.

This means your standard weights workouts will follow rep schemes which increase as the weeks go by, so you’ll need to adjust your weights accordingly.

Not only is this good for results, it also makes sure your training program is full of variety and fresh challenges.


As with all my programs, I recommend hitting 10k-20k steps each day including your recovery day.

The benefits of doing this aren’t just physical.

Sure, you’ll enhance your calorie burn by as much as 40% over the course of the program, but there are undoubted mental health benefits which come from getting outside and walking. Those alone are worth it.

Don’t stress if you can’t hit the numbers on the head, think of this as an additional calorie burn on top of what your workouts and nutrition are already giving you. Instead, just keep an eye on your steps and make an effort to be more active during the course of your working day.


A great training program is only half the battle.

If we REALLY want to maximize our results over the next 6 weeks, we should combine our efforts in the gym with a solid, proven nutrition plan that provides us with enough quality fuel to recover from our training sessions. This will lead to greater recovery, better performance in the gym, and of course better muscle building results.

I’ve got you covered here, too. Click here to see the sample nutrition plan which accompanies The Cut.

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