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Welcome to Six Of The Best.

This is a home-based workout program that works best when your body target is FAT LOSS.

Each workout is structured into 6 minute blocks, you’ll be training 6 days per week, and the plan lasts 6 weeks in total (hence the name of the program). This plan is easily adaptable if you’re training with resistance bands, dumbbells, or just your own body weight because exercises in blocks tend to work the full body, therefore moves can be swapped for alternatives if necessary, depending on your training environment.

If you enjoy reading about the structure behind the training plans I create, this page will take you through all of the key components that make up 6 Of The Best.


Circuit training rocks for fat loss.

I’ve used it myself. I’ve used it with thousands of clients over the last 20 years. And science agrees that circuit training is perfectly suited for fat loss.

I go more in depth on the research in this article, but the crux of the matter is that grouping your exercises the way we do in 6 Of The Best will create a significantly greater calorie burn versus performing a regular weights session.

Why is this?

Well, it comes down to a phenomenon known as EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). You might know this as “the afterburn effect”. It’s the process by which we continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate AFTER our workout has finished.

When you train with weights you’ll burn through carbohydrates for fuel during your workout, before continuing to burn more calories for up to 14 hours AFTER your workout. Circuit training is very similar in that it ALSO sees us burning through carbohydrates for fuel and kickstarting the same “afterburn effect” – the key difference being that studies show EPOC is almost DOUBLE, and even lasts for 25% longer!


I’ve always believed that programs with an EASY structure work best.

The less you have to think, the more you can just work hard. That’s been my approach in building training plans for years now, and Six Of The Best follows suit.

You’ll be working through 6 minute blocks, consisting of three exercises and a rest break:

  • Squat x30 sec
  • Dips x30 sec
  • Crunches x30 sec
  • Rest x30 sec
  • Squat x30 sec
  • Dips x30 sec
  • Crunches x30 sec
  • Rest x30 sec
  • Squat x30 sec
  • Dips x30 sec
  • Crunches x30 sec
  • Rest x30 sec


You can see above that you’ll have three shots each time you attack a new block of exercises. I’d like to see you gradually increase your intensity with each go-round.

Use the first round to make usre you’re performing each exercise with great technique. Step up the intensity the second time, and give it everything you’ve got on the final shot.

It’s a technique I’ve used with many clients over the years and one which usually produces even better results than simply trying to go flat out in every single circuit. It’s also a good way to steer clear of injury, which is always great.


Progressive overload is necessary to unlock continuous results.

In a gym setting, this means that the weights which once challenged you no longer do, and you must increase the resistance to unlock new results.

Most people FAIL to address this principle when performing cardio and/or bodyweight workouts, so they hit a plateau at some point which they can simply never break through.

So how do we apply progressive overload when we are training, for the most part, without any weights?

One of the best ways to do it is through time under tension. In week 4 of the program you’ll have the option to ditch the 30/30 approach shown above in favor of a more challenging 45/15. This means you’ll be working for 45 seconds and resting for 15 seconds. You’ll only be able to work through your block TWICE in six minutes using this style of training, but implementing this new structure at a time when you’re beginning to adapt will provide fresh stimulus to help you unlock the next level of results.

It’ll look like this:

  • Squat x45/15
  • Dips x45/15
  • Crunches x45/15
  • Squat x45/15
  • Dips x45/15
  • Crunches 45/15

Notice your six minute block STILL consists of 4.5 minutes of work and 1.5 minutes of rest, it’s just set up in a new way. On certain exercises those extra 15 seconds will feel like hell.

Of course, this change is OPTIONAL. If you’re still enjoying the original training method and seeing results, then feel free to continue using it.


As with all my programs, I recommend hitting 10k-20k steps each day including your recovery day.

The benefits of doing this aren’t just physical.

Sure, you’ll enhance your calorie burn by as much as 40% over the course of the program, but there are undoubted mental health benefits which come from getting outside and walking. Those alone are worth it.

Don’t stress if you can’t hit the numbers on the head, think of this as an additional calorie burn on top of what your workouts and nutrition are already giving you. Instead, just keep an eye on your steps and make an effort to be more active during the course of your working day.

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