From cars to penalty shootouts, Germany is known for efficiency. But how about building muscle? Today’s IronMaxx 100% Whey Protein review will find out.


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Germany is under-represented in the supplement industry.

I mean, if you wanted a sports car (or even a sports team), you’d definitely check out the land f the Deutsch…

… but building muscle?

That might change today.

German company IronMaxx want their latest product to be put to through my deliberately harsh supplement rating system, because they believe it can stand up to any other whey protein available. Bold statement indeed.

Then again, Germany is well known for its rock solid efficiency, so if Ironmaxx have cracked the code for superior whey protein, they could be about to change the game!

Here’s my official Ironmaxx 100% whey protein review.

ironmaxx 100% whey protein review


This isn’t a new company.

In fact, if you’ve used supplements regularly over the years, you may have already heard of IronMaxx.

They’ve been popping out reliable and solid products since way back in 2004.

They’ve never reached the upper tiers of the supplement world, thanks in part to their fondness for busting out the 1980’s cheese when promoting new products (see below!), but as far as the supplement industry goes, they have certainly paid their dues and earned the right to call themselves a proven, trustworthy brand.

But now they want to take things up a notch.

And they’re aiming high with 100% Whey Protein.

Going into this review, I knew they meant business with this product as soon as I opened it.

Usually, a supplement company will provide a tub of product and hope for the best in the review. Not these guys. They dropped off a mighty 7kg of protein, in an array of different flavors, and also the greatest protein scoop I’ve ever f**king seen…

IronMaxx whey protein

Yes, it appears IronMaxx have solved the age old problem of your protein scoop getting lost at the bottom of your tub!

You guys know me.

I love innovation.

When Grenade put their capsules in a grenade-shaped tub, I marked out.

And I can’t remember how many supplement companies I’ve cussed as I searched through tubs looking for the scoop, so for IronMaxx to develop this mega scoop just says it all, really.

It’s the little things.

But once we get inside the tub, do the guys from Deutschland have what it takes to compete against the big boys of Optimum Nutrition, Reflex, and Jym?

Let’s get stuck in…

ironmaxx 100 percent whey protein review

IronMaxx 100% Whey Protein Review

One look at the nutritional breakdown of the product tells us a lot.

Each serving of IronMaxx Whey Protein gives us:

  • 38.7g protein
  • 3.2g carbohydrates
  • 3.1g fat

There are two things which stand out here:

  1. That’s a whopping serving of protein.
  2. Fat and carbs are kept very low.

This all adds up to one thing (and it’s something I always tell you to look for when eyeing up a potential new protein supplement); a great protein-per-serving ratio!

Let’s face it, when you buy a new whey protein supplement you want protein.

You don’t want carbs.

You don’t want fat.

We can get those elsewhere (food).

iron maxx whey protein

When supplement companies stuff their product full of carbs, fat, thickeners, and sweeteners, it takes you further away from why you bought the product in the first place.

Ideally, we want a protein-per-serving ratio of more than 70%.

With 38.7 grams in each scoop, IronMaxx deliver 78%. A job well done.

The protein blend consists of good old whey protein concentrate, with a bare minimum of secondary ingredients.

This is both a good and bad thing.

Good, because it keeps the product incredibly simple, and I like that.

Bad, because perhaps we could have seen the inclusion of a protein blend (whey concentrate, isolate, egg) for a more sustained release of amino acids.

Of course, I’m nitpicking here.

As with all of my supplement reviews, I made IronMaxx 100% Whey Protein my main protein supplement for 3 months prior to this review.

I can say first-hand that it’s incredibly tasty.

It’s a light, easily soluble formula reminiscent of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey, which performs fantastically well in the gym.

Taste is subjective, of course, but for a moment there I felt like I was on a raft, tipping over the edge of a chocolate chip waterfall, defying the plunge with nothing more than a manly yell while digging my quads into the river bed.

Mind you, the 26 flavors seems like overkill (kiwi yogurt?!).

ironmaxx whey protein review

IronMaxx 100% Whey Protein Review – The Final Verdict

This product is German engineering at its finest.

Aside from the cheesy marketing imagery, this product focuses entirely on what it does best; build muscle.

No frills.

No fancy, unproven ingredients.

No bulls**t “fat burning” mixtures that don’t do Jack.

It provides you with a great serving of protein per scoop, and not a lot of anything else.

In a supplement industry which likes to over-complicate every-f**king-thing in a bid to sound “cutting edge”, there’s something rather appealing and trustworthy about IronMaxx using such an old-school approach.

You can almost hear the lab engineers slapping the stamp of approval on the side of the latest batch, “Bosh… Job done.”

IronMaxx 100% Whey Protein picks up a hugely impressive 4 stars, making it the joint highest scoring whey protein supplement on the site to date.

I highly recommend trying it.

Here it is.

IronMaxx 100 Whey Protein review

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