Here’s my take on Mark Wahlberg’s insane daily routine…

About Mark Wahlberg’s Insane Daily Routine…

Written by Russ Howe PTI, and most recently updated 1 day ago.

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Your day might be busy, but is it Mark Wahlberg busy?

The rapper-turned-actor just posted his daily schedule on social media, and people around the globe are misplacing their excrement at the apparent insanity of it all.

I mean, waking up at 2 in the morning to workout? Fuck that with a capital fist!

But all is not what it seems here, and in this article I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t compare your schedule to his, nor beat yourself up about how much you get done in a day versus what Marky Mark does…

… but first, here’s Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine in full:

2:30 AMWake up
2:45 AMPrayer time
3:15 AMBreakfast
3:40 AMWorkout A
5:30 AMPost-workout meal
6:00 AMShower
7:30 AMGolf
8:00 AMSnack
9:30 AMCryo chamber recovery
10:30 AMSnack
11:00 AMFamily time / meetings / work calls
1:00 PMLunch
2:00 PMMeetings / work calls
3:00 PMPick up kids from school
3:30 PMSnack
4:00 PMWorkout B
5:00 PMShower
5:30 PMDinner / family time
7:30 PMBedtime

My Take on This Routine

Mark Wahlberg daily routine

The internet went crazy when Mark Wahlberg posted this, and I saw a lot of people putting pressure on themselves, saying things like:

“How does he do two workouts per day, spend so much time with his family, and still make millions of dollars???”

The answer is because this routine is not difficult.

In fact, it’s misleading as fuck. Let’s break it down.

  • He gets more sleep than you

It’s might impressive that he wakes up at 2:30 AM to train, but perhaps more impressive is the fact that he goes to bed at 7:30 PM.

That means he’s getting a solid seven hours every night, which is more than most people. Insufficient sleep can be catastrophic from a lifestyle and fitness perspective, because it can lead to low testosterone, muscle loss, and poor training performance, and a 2014 report published by the CDC showed that a whopping 33% of Amreicans are doing it on the regular. (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • He only works 3 hours per day

Many people got so caught up on the early wake up time that they didn’t notice this part.

Three hours of work per day? I’d put money on it that most people reading this article have more “extreme” daily schedules than this.

The sad part is that they don’t realize how hard they are working. For instance, I was informed about Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine by a gentleman who owns a restaurant near my gym. He has five kids, and his home life sounds like a blender without a lid. It was heartbreaking to hear him beat himself up for being unable to spend this much family time while still providing a comfortable income for his children, and questioning his own work ethic for needing to get some sleep at the end of a long day.

So if you take anything away from this article, I’d like it to be this piece of advice:

Please don’t compare your life to that of a fucking celebrity.

  • He’s being paid to train twice per day

Mark follows an AM/PM double split, with the first workout involving weight training, and the second being an hour of cardiovascular exercise. This type of training requires a lot of free time – and he has it!

Financial restrictions (i.e. having a job) mean that most people cannot commit to a lifestyle like this.

The reason this AM/PM training style is so popular with action movie stars is because their entire job is to get in shape for their upcoming role. In some ways, it shines a light on the intense pressure they are under to look perfect on the silver screen, and that same pressure often leads people down a dark path of unsustainable training methods, the use of questionable substances, and a very unhealthy relationship with food, all in the name of looking good for a 60-second topless scene.

Sylvester Stallone took it to the absolute limit back in the 1980s; his training regimen for Rocky III consisted of 2 hours in the gym, 18 rounds of sparring in a boxing ring, 2 miles of jogging outside, one hour of skipping, and one hour of swimming every day!

Mark Wahlberg hasn’t quite gone down the Stallone route, but his routine is still something which most regular people with jobs would struggle to sustain (especilally if they have kids). He uses a full-body training program, so his early morning workout hits every muscle group. He likes to train with low reps as this allows for the heaviest weights to be lifted. Here’s what a workout looks like:

Barbell Deadlift48
Clean Pull48
Hang Snatch48
DB Rear Lunges48
Push Press48
Bulgarian Split Squats48
Barbell Bench Press48
Bodyweight Inverted Row48
Farmer’s Walk2100 yards
DB Biceps Curl28
Cable Chest Press28
Leg Press28
Triceps Pushdown28
DB Seated Lateral Raise28

The second workout of the day (4 PM) will either be an hour of traditional steady state cardio performed on an exercise bike, or an impromptu HIIT workout performed on his golf course:

“Sometimes I find cardio dull, so I’ll ditch the bike and put in some extra work during my golf rounds. I tee off then literally run around the golf course! We’d hit a drive, then sprint to the ball, and rest until the caddies arrive, then hit another ball and sprint again!”


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