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Pro JYM Review – The Champion Of Whey Protein?

Jim Stoppani has arrived with Pro JYM, and all other whey protein supplements must bow down to salute the new champion.

… right?

Pro Jym quickly smashed competitors into the ground with no mercy, rising through the ranks of the supplement industry faster than anything before it, becoming the world’s #1 best-selling whey protein supplement.

But just how good is it? We are about to find out.

Today’s Pro JYM review puts it through the toughest test it has ever faced; my deliberately harsh supplement rating system.

No product has ever got a 5 star review (maybe this will be the first?!). So let’s buckle down and get to work, to see if Pro JYM really is the champion of all whey protein powders…

Pro JYM review


I know you guys like how unbiased and in-depth my reviews always are, and I’ve got a real treat for you today!

You see, Pro JYM has had a storied history so far.

When Jim Stoppani launched the brand in 2013, he changed the game forever.

The doc’s own reputation was one of the driving factors behind this success. Featured regularly in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, he was recognizable as a good source of info for anything supplement related. Heck, at that time I’d probably have let him bang my girlfriend if he’d said it would improve my barbell squat.

So it made perfect sense when the mighty saw an opportunity to partner with Jim Stoppani and create a supplement brand with his name on it: JYM Supplement Science.

The quality of the products also stood out…

Most companies were using proprietary blends back then, as well as poor ingredients, but JYM went against the grain. Using open labels and sourcing higher quality formulas, JYM became a brand you’d happily pay extra for, and it sold FAST.

It was the perfect storm, and three months later Pre JYM was released. A great first product, you can read my review here, this pre workout set the standard that other brands are still trying to beat years later.


But shortly after the release of Pro JYM the following year, things started to get very messy for JYM Supplement Science…

First, it was suggested in an article over at PricePlow that Dr. Jim Stoppani didn’t even formulate Pro JYM (!?), claiming that had merely re-packaged their old ‘Protogen’ whey protein shake and bumped the price up.

I know that sounds ridiculous – until you take a look at the labels for Pro JYM and the suddenly discontinued Protogen:

Pro Jym vs Protogen
“Strange, right? It’s like someone took the Protogen formula, reduced the doses, and bumped the price UP to create Pro JYM…” – PricePlow

What follows next is the Doc’s own massive case of “foot in mouth” syndrome.

When Pro JYM was released, it was billed as the world’s only whey protein supplement which doesn’t use a proprietary blend.

Dr. Stoppani has been very keen to point this out on a number of occasions, too:

“When I tell people that Pro JYM is the only non-proprietary protein powder blend available today, some state that a few other companies are already doing what I am doing.

But they’re not.

A few other companies are listing the percent of each type of protein that is in their protein blend. For example, a protein powder blend that is whey, casein, and egg protein might list that it’s comprised of 40% whey, 40% casein, and 20% egg protein…

… but that is NOT listing the exact amount of each one of those proteins!

Pro JYM is the ONLY protein powder blend that lets you know EXACTLY how much of each type of protein you are getting in every serving. If your protein powder blend is NOT Pro Jym, then it’s a proprietary blend!”

Where do I start with this?

There is so much wrong here, it could have been said by Gwyneth Paltrow. First of all, take a look at the nutrition label for Pro JYM:

pro jym review

I’ve seen worse proprietary blends, sure, but this is still one.

Also, there are definitely companies out there who do not use proprietary blends. Jim is talking absolute s**t here.

NutraBio is one such company.

They’ve been around since 1996 and have been releasing high quality products with no proprietary blends at all. When one of Jim’s “fans” pulled him up on this on Facebook, he released this silly video doubling down on his belief that Pro JYM is the only product without a proprietary blend and claimed that nobody even cares if smaller companies are doing it because, well, they don’t matter.

Holy f**k.

This unprovoked attack resulted in one of the most beautiful comebacks in YouTube history, when well-respected NutraBio founder Mark Glazier responded with this absolutely devastating blow:

(Warning: If you watch this video you’ll DEFINITELY want to buy NutraBio, not JYM.)

As if we needed things to get any crazier, Jim and then had a huge public disagreement about who the “owner” of JYM Supplement Science is, and Dr. Stoppani relaunched the entire brand with GNC. The row lasted nearly 18 months, before JYM once again returned to


As you can see, it’s been a bumpy ride so far for JYM!



I hope the craziness above made for some entertaining reading (it took me f**king ages).

Now let’s take a look at the product which claims to be “the world’s best whey protein supplement”, to determine whether that’s true.

A serving of Pro JYM provides us with:

  • 24g protein
  • 7g carbohydrates
  • 3g fat

The amount of protein in each scoop is great.

In fact, it’s right in the “sweet spot” for muscle growth. A 2009 trial published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a serving size of 20 grams of protein created almost as much of an anabolic spike as 40 grams. (1)

pro jym

But one issue which isn’t so great is the protein-per-serving ratio.

You want a high percentage here because it means most of your scoop is protein (the reason you bought it). For instance, if your scoop is 30 grams and you have 24g protein, that’s 80% protein-per-serving, which is very solid. It’s a good way to avoid companies who cram their products with sugar and other unnecessary ingredients.

One scoop of Pro JYM is a whopping 40 grams, and only 24g of it is protein, which is just 69% protein-per-serving.

For such an expensive shake, that’s LOW AS F**K! In fact, it’s one of the lowest I’ve ever reviewed.

But perhaps I can cut Dr. Stoppani a little slack here, though…

Sure, there are 7g carbohydrates and 3g fat in each scoop, which is high for a product which calls itself an “Ultra Premium Protein Blend”, but that still only equals 34 grams total. The rest comes from a s**tload of thickeners and sweeteners which have been added to improve the taste.

Jim Stoppani Pro Jym review

Also, notice there is NO whey protein concentrate in Pro JYM.

Pro JYM contains a blend of whey protein isolate, casein, and egg. This is very solid, I like it. In using a protein blend, Pro JYM will provide a slow and steady release of amino acids for your muscles to gobble up over the course of the day. This has been shown to be slightly more effective for muscle growth versus whey alone. (2, 3)

Regarding the exclusion of whey protein concentrate; if you’ve ever had lactose issues, you’ll appreciate this move.

(Hey, it’s also worth knowing that we could avoid any lactose issues from WPC by simply switching to a higher grade version of it, such as WPC80.)

This switch cements Pro JYM as a “premium” protein powder, because whey protein concentrate is dirt cheap, and companies will often use it for over 90% of their so-called “blend”.

If we compared, say, Pro JYM vs Gold Standard, or Pro JYM vs Nitro Tech, we can see there is a difference in quality thanks to this blend.

pro jym review


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. As my Pro JYM review comes to an end, I must deliver a score…

Pro JYM is solid. As such, it made it onto my list of the top 5 whey protein supplements of the year.

Hats off to Dr. Jim Stoppani, he has created a nice blend of fast, slow, and even slower release protein which is great for building muscle and tastes like a f**king milkshake!

I’m not gonna fault that!

However, Pro JYM won’t dominate the industry in 2020 in the way that Pre JYM did back in 2013 – Pro JYM is good, but it’s not groundbreaking, and there are other companies who have already released superior products.

(Not to stir the pot, but NutraBio Muscle Matrix has a superior formula AND a higher protein-per-serving ratio!)

It receives a 3 star rating from me. For the absolute best price on Pro JYM I recommend grabbing it from here in the UK and here in the USA.


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