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This article was written by Russ Howe PTI, and was last updated on October 24th, 2023.

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Hey friend,

I’d like to take this chance to formally introduce myself. I’m Russ Howe. I’ve been a personal trainer for the last two decades, working out of the legendary Powerhouse Gym, South Shields, and I’m the owner of

I know it’s not every day you sign up for a new tool, so thank you for using my work.

I started my website back in 2011, so what you’re looking at now is more than a decade of work (training programs, diet plans, articles, videos, and moree). That’s a lot of stuff, and I don’t want it to feel overwhelming, so I created this easy user manual to show you how to navigate through everything very easily and get the most out of

Before we get started, I want to promise you something:

If you follow my fitness advice and nutrition recommendations, you’ll gain the invaluable skill of being in complete control of your body’s physical appearance and performance capabilities. The goal of my website is to remove all doubt and confusion from your fitness journey, so while everyone around you is losing their heads (and spinning their wheels) you will have a simple set of instructions which work – every time!

Fitness Is For Everyone

A woman performing a set of dumbbell rows to failure.

Every trainer has their own way of doing things.

Some prefer a drill sergeant approach, some are more laid back, I’ve even met some who will only work with clients who are training at a professional level.

Now, I personally believe that fitness is for everyone. That means I don’t care about your past experience (or lack of it), all I care about is that you are here now, and you deserve the chance to build your best body as much as anybody else.

This has been my way for years. When I was working on the gym floor, my client base ranged from athletes, to newbies, to bodybuilders, to busy parents. I loved to help people from all walks of life, and this is something which transcended into my website, too. So when I write a new training program, I do so from the perspective that it must be something which anyone can use; from the complete newbies who have never set foot in a gym before, to the seasoned athletes who go to the gym six days per week.

There are three main components which we must focus on:

  • Training: A well-structured training program will elevate your results far beyond what most people achieve in the gym. That’s not because they lack the potential to succeed, but because they “wing it” and “hope for the best”. The human body is a complex machine, and there are optimal ways to make it perform at its best.
  • Nutrition: The food you eat provides your body with the nutrients it needs. When I was a young trainee, the nutrition industry as a whole was in dissaray. People would follow crazy restrictive diets where they attempted to live on nothing but chicken and rice – not because they wanted to, but because they did;t think anything else would work. We’ve come a long way since then. I’m going to teach you how to make your diet both effetive and enjoyable, so you can see great progress from your gym sessions, and still enjoy your favourite treats along the way!
  • Supplements: The biggest misconception about supplements is that they are sepearte from food, when in reality they are the same thing. By plugging hard-to-reach nutritional gaps with high quality supplements (for instance, achieving a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals) you will elevate your results to an even higher level, and it leaves more room in your diet for foods you enjoy eating.

I’m going to show you how to get the most out of all of the above, and we’ll do it via the Members Area (see below). is a big place.

The members area serves as one page which navigates the whole lot, so you can easily jump to the stuff you’re most interested in reading about, or access the program you’ve been following in the gym. Each section uses a content slider, so you can swipe along to access more.

My welcome message is always displayed at the top of the screen. This is where I’ll let you know about new programs which have been released, etc.

The first section shows you the 10 most popular workout programs on Hit the “See Program” button to open it up. You can expand the view so it shows you every training plan on the site by hitting “See All Programs” button, and from there you can also sort it by fat loss and muscle growth (some programs will appear in both searches, because they’re designed to help you do both).

The next section you’ll find in the members area is the portal to the workouts section.

This is a library of ready-made workouts for each muscle group. It’s perfect for the days when you don’t necessarily want a full program, but you just want a killer leg workout (or an arms session to destroy your buddy with!).

The 10 most popular workouts will be shown on the members area, and you can access them by hitting the “Do This Workout” button.

If you hit the “See All Workouts” button it will expand the view further. This will open up the workout library, where you can select a muscle group and see all of the workouts for that body part.

You can also access these sections via the top menu (> Workout Programs) at any time, where you will notice a couple of additional buttons.

Let’s look at the exercises option.

Every exercise in every workout in every program comes with a video demonstration. This is where they’re all stored, so you can search for specific exercises or you can see all exercises for a particular muscle group. Alongside the video you’ll see written technique tips, a muscle highlighter showing you which body parts are involved in that exercise, and a list of alternate exercises which will achieve the same job (handy if you dislike a particular exercise, or if your gym hasn’t got a certain piece of kit!). I’m particularly proud of these videos, because they’re all real videos of me doing each exercise in actual workouts, not the fake-looking demos you see online.

The next section in the members area covers nutrition plans.

You’ll see a selection of the most popular diet plans listed here, and you can read them by pressing the “Read More” button. There are short-term and long-term nutrition plans in here, and they range in complexity depending how how detailed you’d like your diet to be. Any of my diet plans can be used alongside any of my training programs.

If you click “See All Nutrition Plans” to expand the view, you’ll notice that the nutrition section also features a a recipes section.

When you click that it’ll take you to a screen which asks you how many calories you’d like to spend, and then shows you all of the recipes which fit your targets. Each recipe gives you a list of ingredients, the calorie content (as well as the grams of protein, fat and carbohydrates), and full instructions on how to prepare it.

I’m a big believer in eating the foods you enjoy while getting in shape, but these recipes will give you some ideas if you’re a little bored with your eating habits.

The next section of hte members area houses all articles relating to training, nutrition, and supplements.

This is a massive amount of content, so the members area will display the stuff which is currently most popular, and you can expand the view display them all by pushing the “See All Articles” button. The expanded view will let you sort through articles from newest-to-oldest, sort them by category, and search for specific keywords.

The final block is the website shop.

This is a basic section which gives you easy access to supplements and ptraining gear which I mention in nutrition plans. When you click the “Get Some” button you will be taken directly to the item.

The news and updates section sits at the bottom of the members area.

This shows you the newest content which has been created (i.e. new Daily Trainer workouts, new nutrition plans, etc). It also includes a search bar where you can search for a specific keyphrase of your choice and it’ll show you all content which relates to it (including programs, videos, articles, and diets), and it also has some handy links to some of the main areas of the website in here, too.

And that covers the members area!

There’s a LOT of content, I know, but I’m sure you will appreciate having all of this know-how at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Of course, I am constantly developing new materials (including new training programs, new diet plans, and new breakdown articles), so what seems big right now is only going to grow even bigger as time goes by – thats what makes special, and why it’s such good value!

If you have any questions at any time, you can grab me through the contact page.

Thanks again, and welcome to!

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I’m Russ. I’ve been a personal trainer since 2002, and I own

My job is to simplify fitness so that anybody can get in great shape.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my article, consider hopping on my free email list below. I send out free fitness advice to over 100,000 men and women around the world every week (all in the same no-nonsense style a the article you’ve just read), and I’d love for you to be a part of that!

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