What Causes The Pump?

I can remember the first time I got a pump in the gym.

It felt like that scene from Rambo III where a battle tank crashed head first into a helicopter…

carnage everywhere… testosterone flying… people screaming…

… except it was taking place inside my biceps.

It’s a feeling every athlete and bodybuilder has come to love, with Arnold Schwarzenegger even going as far as to describe it as:

“Like the feeling of cumming… so I am getting to cum at home, and cum in my workout, and cumming all day long. How lucky am I?”

– I hope you read that in his voice.
what causes the pump bodybuilding

But What Causes It?

Despite how much people love the feeling, most have the wrong idea about what it really is.

Ask anybody on the gym floor and they’ll tell you that the pump is caused by blood rushing to the working muscles, causing them to temporarily swell up.

This isn’t true.

The pump is actually caused by the waste products which are building up inside the muscle as you’re training.

These metabolites are created by the breakdown of nutrients to use for fuel, and when this happens, it causes the fluid which usually sits outside the muscle cell (interstitial fluid) as well as fluid in the blood to be quickly drawn inside the muscle cell.

This process is called osmosis.

So the pump is actually water. And that gives you all the more reason to drink plenty of it each day.

It makes the working muscle swell like a balloon, and generally lasts for 20-60 minutes before going back to normal.

There you go.

Hopefully you just got a mental pump reading this.

what causes the pump during workout

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