The Rock Leg Workout

The Rock Leg Workout

Today we’re in the gym with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and one thing is clear: if you don’t really train your legs very hard, you’d better call your momma.

On the other hand, if you want to carve your legs into lean, powerful objects of destruction, read on…

Over the last few years, Dwayne has undergone a huge transformation as he prepared for roles in blockbuster action movies like Hercules, Pain & Gain, and the Fast & The Furious series.

While most guys physically peak in their twenties, Rocky has achieved his best physique in his forties.

However, as you’re about to discover, results don’t come cheap.

The Rock leg workout


“I’ve always had an affinity for leg day. I keep it back for Saturday, as a kind of sick and twisted treat for myself to look forward to all week.”

Before you start this workout, there’s one thing you’ll need to address – if you’re going to train like The Rock, you need to think like The Rock.

Despite the bulging muscles, he’s very aware that form comes before weight. So ditch the ego and go as light as you need to in order to perform each exercise correctly.

Dwayne suffered his fair share of injuries back in his WWE days, and has learnt how to make classic exercises as effective as possible by simply doing them very well.

The Rock Leg Workout

The Rock Leg Workout

the rock leg workout

Russ’ Tips During The Rock Leg Workout

Give particular attention to the first exercise on today’s card.

Most gym members don’t perform barbell squats with a strict and safe technique, and this exercise is a very important part of the program. You should be able to get down to parallel on each rep.

Box squats will help you do that.

In fact, one study suggests that the box squat can allow the trainee to go slightly heavier than a regular squat, so make the most of this as you work through your five sets of twenty reps. (1)

Also, three of today’s five exercises end with a burnout set immediately following the last set.

Try to leave minimal rest between the final set ending and the burnout set beginning. After you hit this technique correctly, you’ll not want to look at another leg exercise for a few days!

The Rock Leg Workout

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  1. McBride, J. M., et al. Comparison Of Kinetic Variables And Muscle Activity During A Squat Vs. A Box Squat. J Strength Cond Res. (2010).

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  1. I want to say that it absolutely a “THE ROCK LEG WORKOUT” Becuase after this I am Not Able to Walk for 1 day but I really Enjoy It No Pain No Gain, Keep Up The Good Stuff.

  2. Thank you for sharing tips for building leg muscles it tried these exercise and i see good result in few months
    I also share our experience and tips for leg workout only 3 tools dumbbell, barbell, bench only.

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