A client asked me to review Alpha Femme Keto Genix fat burners after seeing them linked to TV presenter Susanna Reid. Here’s the raging honest review.

The HONEST Alpha Femme Keto Genix Review (AVOID IT!)

Written by Russ Howe PTI, and most recently updated 1 day ago.

16 min read

Each time a celebrity releases a weight loss product, I feel sad inside.

And not just any sadness, either.

I’m talking real sadness.

Remember the horse in the mud scene from The Never Ending Story? That’s my s**t.

alpha femme keto genix review

Today I’m looking at Alpha Femme Keto Genix, the new fat loss pills all over Facebook which claim to be “from morning TV presenter Susanna Reid“, and I have to tell you…

… things are gonna get rough.

If you’re an avid reader you may be thinking “It’s been a while since Russ totally savaged a product”. And you’re right.

In fact, last time I did was when I took apart Herbalife here.

But don’t worry, today you’ll get my HONEST Alpha Femme Keto Genix review and I can assure you it’s NOT going to be pretty…

Alpha Femme Keto Genix Review – What Is It?

susanna reid diet pills

A client asked me to take a look at these after coming across an article stating that TV presenter Susanna Reid had decided to release a line of supplements aimed at the weight loss market.

My first thoughts were, “Oh no, not another celebrity weight loss gimmick…”

But I’m glad it happened, because then it got really interesting.

According the the report, Ms. Reid has left her job presenting Good Morning Britain alongside Piers Morgan as ITV bosses believed the supplement line clashed with the program sponsors, WeightWatchers.

Something seemed a little off, and that’s where everything changed.

Astonishingly, a little digging revealed that the product hasn’t got anything to do with her, and she’s been unknowingly used in their advertisements.

It seems the company were using her image without permission and also cooked up a fake story to promote their supplements on social media! They also appear to have written a bunch of fake testimonials from celebrities, thrusting Alpha Femme Keto Genix into the social media limelight.

One look at the product and we can see what we’re dealing with here…

This is not the high quality supplements you’re used to seeing me review on the website. I’m at the depths of the supplement industry on this one.

So, seeing as I’m here anyway and the product fully deserves any harshness it’s brought onto itself, how about I load both barrels and go “all in” to unleash an in-depth review on this so-called “fat burner”?

Maybe that’ll go some way to clearing up those Google search results which so far only bring up sales pitches to trick people into falling for this s**t…

In a nutshell, this is a weight loss capsule which the company claim can induce a state of ketosis.

Anyone who has studied nutrition will already be banging their head on the desk, but it gets even worse…

Not only will it turn you into a “fat burning machine”, it also has the power to “detoxify your body” thanks to it’s special blend of ingredients.

The company then claims that using Alpha Femme Keto Genix is “a safe and simple way to achieve ketosis without the negative side effects of a ketogenic diet.”

Susanne Reid diet pills

Where do I begin with all these claims?!

I’ll upload screenshots and debunk more claims later on, because there are so many it defies logic, but let’s start with the basics:

This is not a magic pill.

Even though it claims to be one.

And everyone associated with it (and its marketing campaigns) should be f**king ashamed of themselves for presenting it as such.

Ah, I’ve missed unleashing the rage… I feel better already… let’s continue…

The product consists of a proprietary blend of beta-hydroxybutyrate, garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean, and raspberry ketone.

The good news is, despite the mountain of hype on the sales page trying to hide it, each of these ingredients has been thoroughly studied and we know they won’t do Jack. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Garcinia cambogia is often added to weight loss supplements due to is links with appetite suppression.

However, these claims arrived after early lab studies were effective on rats. When they were applied to humans, they completely failed. Turns out, we don’t work the same way. This was demonstrated in a series of trials way back in the early 2000’s. (1, 2, 3)

Up next we have BHB…

Most people who follow ketogenic diets for fitness purposes are doing so to lose weight.

They’ll restrict carbohydrates in order to reach a state of ketosis. But when we ingest ketones in supplement form (like beta-hydroxybutyrate, or BHB for short), it doesn’t work the same way and there’s zero evidence to suggest otherwise.

It’s like saying “We’ve ate some ketones, so now we get the benefits without doing any work.”

And it’s just not true.

The body will work to burn through those ingested ketones instead, halting the fat burning process (much like when we consume alcohol and everything else takes a back seat).

Presenting beta-hydroxybutyrate to an overweight individual with promises of being able to get the benefits of being in ketosis without actually working is downright dangerous.

Up next we have green coffee bean.

This ingredient is popular due to its reputation as a “fat burner”, but any links to weight loss are ridiculously weak and suspect to industry bias. (4)

Finally, raspberry ketone

This was the “next big thing” of 2015, but has since been shown ineffective for fat loss purposes due to the incredibly high concentrations required to yield any slight effect. (5)

There goes the miracle formula.

Dissecting The Bulls**t One-By-One

alpha femme keto

As mentioned earlier, there’s an awful lot of hype on the company sales page for this product.

I noticed this when I was trying to locate the ingredients which, by the way, felt like Mission: Impossible and is the first sign of a weak formula.

I’ve seen some great hype pages in my 20 years in the fitness industry, but this one needed to be seen to be believed!

It’s straight out of a 2001 get rich quick scheme.

I’m feeling extra nice today, seeing as this company figured it was OK to illegally use celebrities to trick people into buying it. So I’m going to upload some screenshots of the worst SMH moments below, then I’ll debunk them for you, too.

alpha femme keto genix review

Burning fat for energy gives you 225% more energy than burning carbohydrates?

Of course there are no studies referenced, because this is literally made up information.

The first red square is actually correct. When your body is in ketosis, you’re burning fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

However, that doesn’t guarantee weight loss..

Just like any other nutrition plan, a successful ketogenic diet depends wholly on you being in a calorie deficit. (6)

Let’s move on.

susannah reid weight loss supplements review

I almost ran out of red pen on this one…

So many bulls**t claims are being made here. Let’s dissect them one-by-one.

“Why your diets fail: Currently with the massive load of carbohydrates in our foods, our bodies are conditioned to burn carbs for energy instead of fat. Because it’s an easier energy source for the body to use up.”

That’s not why your previous diets have failed.

Over-consumption of calories is the root cause of weight gain, nothing else. Our bodies have always been conditioned to burn carbohydrates for energy; that’s what they’re for!

It also doesn’t mean you’re not burning fat, too.

Your calorie intake will be the deciding factor here in either case. This was proven in a 2006 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition which compared the weight loss effects of a moderate carbohydrate diet against that of a ketogenic diet.

With total calorie input controlled, there were no significant differences in the amount of weight lost. (7)

are calories more important than macros to lose weight

“Fat stores on the body as carbs are burned as an easy energy fuel. Essentially we gain more weight year after year.”

Nope. That’s not how any of this works.

This implies that it’s physically impossible to lose fat if you are eating carbohydrates, and it’s utter nonsense.

When we’re following a ketogenic diet we consume a much higher fat intake. So while you’re burning fat, that’s because there’s more there to burn, and doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing body fat.

Again, that all depends on your calorie intake.

Likewise, your body would burn carbs if they were present but this doesn’t mean you can’t lose body fat – heck, otherwise every athlete would be fat as f**k!

This is poor science which deliberately plays on the public’s inability to tell the difference between fat the nutrient and fat storage.

“Carbs are not the body’s ideal source of energy therefore we are usually left feeling tired, stressed and drained at the end of each day.”

Once again, this is Bro Science 101.

Carbohydrates are 100% the preferred energy source of the human body. (8)

Without good medical reason for it, if you feel lethargic all the time it’s likely because you’re eating far too much s**t and/or being a lazy f**k.

“Ketosis is the state where your body is actually burning fat for energy instead of carbs. Ketosis is extremely hard to obtain on your own and takes weeks to accomplish. Alpha Femme Keto Genix actually helps your body achieve ketosis fast and helps you burn fat for energy instead of carbs!”

Ketosis is not difficult to achieve.

It comes with an adjustment period in the early stages which makes us want to start eating walls and headbutting our neighbors, but once you get there, you’ll be okay.

Using a capsule will not get you into ketosis faster because the human body is smart enough to know the difference between ketones produced inside the body (endogenous) and ketones consumed in pill form (exogenous).

Coincidentally, the company do not cite any research proving their claims.

Also, the line about how this supplement will make you “burn fat instead of carbs” is crazy misleading. If you have carbs in your system, you will burn them.

You can’t just switch that process off.

If you don’t have any carbs available, you’ll burn fat instead. That would mean you’re already in ketosis, which would beg the question; why would you even need the capsule in the first place?

“Fat IS the body’s ideal source of energy and when you are in ketosis you experience energy and mental clarity like never before and of course very rapid weight loss.”

First of all, that’s a 30-word sentence with no full stops.

Who the f**k wrote this?

Carbohydrates help the body store water in muscle cells. When we remove them from our diet, we flush that water weight and see a quick drop on the scales.

Of course, this merely represents water weight and not actual fat loss, and unless we plan to stay on this diet permanently we can expect that water weight to return the second we re-introduce carbs.

susanna reid keto supplement

“Nutritional ketosis has been believed to difficult to achieve… until now. Burn fat instead of carbs with Alpha Femme Keto Genix.”

This is a repeat of the bogus claims made above but, crucially, we have a photo of a pretty model so that doubles as scientific fact.

Only joking.

But what we do have is grammatical errors in the f**king sales page. Go read it again and see if you can spot it.

As mentioned earlier, getting into ketosis is not challenging, and you aren’t going to suddenly start burning fat instead of carbs just from popping this pill.

alpha femme keto genix review

“The 30 day ketosis supplement that is Sweeping the Nation!”

30 days?

We cannot experience much of a lifestyle change in one single month.

Motherf**ker I’ve had longer arguments with my wife.

Unfortunately, this is synonymous with quick fix / fad diets, because it’s long enough for a person to experience water weight loss and then presume the results came from the supplement they took, before they have a chance to figure out it’s their new healthy diet which is actually responsible for any changes.

It reminds me of the time Juice Plus sales reps said the best way to see results with their product was to join the gym and start eating healthier!

Careful, folks… if you click that “Order Now” button you’ll be presented with a lifetime of trying to cancel free bottle…

Just make sure to read those terms and conditions…

alpha femme keto genix scam

Holy flaps!

As it turns out, our “free” bottle isn’t really free at all…

After paying £3.95 and £4.95 “handling fees”, we are then sucked into a mindblowing contract of £97.45 and £89.21 payments which continue monthly (!!).

We’re also signing up to receive Fit And Fabulous eBooks at a cost of £4.95 per month.

So one thing is for sure – your wallet will definitely lose weight!

But wait… the suck gets harder.


Who needs a pre workout when you can get this angry reading a sales page?

I’m f**king raging.

Let’s continue.

“1. Take 2 ALPHA FEMME KETO GENIX capsules daily with water.

2. Eat keto-friendly meals and snacks throughout the day.

3. Enjoy improved energy and focus while our body uses fat for energy!

The best way to support your ALPHA FEMME KETO GENIX journey is with a diet that consists primarily of fat, with moderate protein and lowc carbohydrate intake. For best results, aim for a ratio of 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates.”

Hang on a moment…

The company who tells us we can get the fat burning benefits of a ketogenic diet without the hardships of actually getting ourselves into ketosis is now… telling us to use a ketogenic diet!

If we’re going to run a ketogenic diet plan and put ourselves into ketosis, we do not need these pills. Right? That was their entire point of taking them!

That’s checkmate, my friends.

“Don’t worry! It’s OK to spring for dessert or splurge at the buffet at your next family gathering – ALPHA FEMME KETO GENIX is always there for you when you need it.”

At this stage, the advice is simply unbelievable.

This again plays to the “silver bullet” role they’re trying to give their supplement, when in fact you can see it is nothing of the sort.

If you’re running a keto diet you will bounce straight out of ketosis if you binge eat junk food and you’ll have to work your way back into ketosis. This is simply bad advice which, in my opinion, is there purely to target people with the whole “it doesn’t matter what you eat, just take this pill” mindset.

And that’s wrong.

alpha femme keto genix holly willoughby

In other advertisements for the product we see a bunch of fake celebrity testimonials which border on the insane…

2kg in two weeks? Yes, cutting carbohydrates will do that for you. 4lbs in two weeks is standard water weight loss – and she looked totally f**king fine in the ‘before’ picture.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where celebrity endorsements can be a dangerous thing when used to promote weight loss products.

The next is by far the worst.

Amanda Holden alpha femme keto genix

Talk about creating an unhealthy relationship with food…

We do not need to ‘starve’ ourselves to lose weight. This immediately makes eating healthy seem like a bad thing, making us shift our focus to a quick fix mentality.

But the worst part comes at the end there. You see it?

“I love waking up knowing I don’t need to worry about what I eat.”

Because calories don’t matter, right?

We just take these pills and eat whatever the f**k we want and still lose weight?

Somebody get in touch with the National Health Service and let them know there isn’t actually an obesity epidemic, they’ve just been doing it wrong this entire time.

Turns out, we just needed to get in touch with this shady as f**k supplement company and their miracle pill!

Even though the testimonials are fake, this is downright dangerous advice which plays upon people’s desperation to lose weight without having to go through the hard slog it requires to get started.

I feel sorry for those who have already fallen victim to this kind of bulls**t, and I hope this in-depth article prevents one more person from doing so.

susanna reid weight loss supplements

Alpha Femme Keto Genix Review – The Final Verdict

The moment you’ve been waiting for, no doubt?

This is where I run Alpha Femme Keto Genix fat loss pills through my deliberately harsh supplement rating system and award it something between one and five stars.

Well, not today.

Given the fact the ingredients are totally useless, and the landslide of misleading information in the sales pitch for the product which I have dissected above, it becomes only the third review in history to receive a zero rating.

These guys are literally selling you a placebo in a tub.

Any weight loss you achieve will be from the ketogenic diet they tell you to get on, and as much as they try to play on the “important role” the product has, it’s really as simple as that.

Shame on them.

Of course, even though I’ve brought the science down HARD in this review, this is all merely my opinion. Take it or leave it. My advice is to stay well clear.

Alpha Femme Keto Genix

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  1. Heymsfield S.B., et al. Garcinia cambogia (hydroxycitric acid) as a potential antiobesity agent: a randomized controlled trial. JAMA. (1998)
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75 responses to “The HONEST Alpha Femme Keto Genix Review (AVOID IT!)”

  1. Ashley McCaw avatar
    Ashley McCaw

    I’m doing Keto, so of course, I get Keto ads everywhere I turn. Keto Genix was at the bottom of a Health Canada news article. “Ok, what’s this then?” Reading the whole thing was red flags everywhere. So I started to Google reviews, and sure enough there are Scam alerts everywhere. It’s great to have people like you writing articles like this. I personally believe in just eating properly, but not everyone does, and companies like that are taking advantage. Hopefully others have the thought to look up the product before they get sucked into it’s nonsense.

  2. Dee avatar

    I wish I had read tbis before. I lnow better than this. Completely caught me off guard. Now trying to go through Fraud Department of CC company to cancel

  3. Lesley Willis avatar
    Lesley Willis

    Me too Dee, have really lost my temper with keto genix they have taken 97.45 out of my account even after I cancelled my account they basically called me a liar and said I only cancelled my shipping insurance. They have taken 97.45 from my account that I didn’t authorise and 3 representatives have put the phone down on me when trying to sort it. They haven’t responded to emails and I’ve been left overdrawn, can’t pay my rent and have no food all because a two bit, disgusting, disgraceful, despicable company took money I didn’t aurhorise, for an inferior product that doesn’t work. Words cannot express how irate I feel

  4. Ann Smith avatar
    Ann Smith

    How do you contact the company to cancel the payments? I don’t have any info from them, but they are taken my money and I have no idea how to stop it???

    1. russhowepti avatar

      I’d have a read through the T’s&C’s on their website, there should be some info on cancelling in there. However, I’d also be getting onto your bank and stopping any payments that way, too, because they seem like an untrustworthy bunch.

  5. SweetT avatar

    Was considering but thank god I found your review, absolutely need more honest reviewers like you: Thank you

  6. Liona avatar


    I was stupid enough to fall for this bullshit and went through with the order. Normally I am very carefull and nothing like this has ever happened to me, but apparently this evening I was tired and did not really think before acting…

    I called the number immediately on ‭+44 808 189 2321‬ (UK) and came to this sketchy guy who just kept repeating spelling my name “correctly” and after a long time told me he could not find my “account” even tho I provided both my name, email and order ID. He then said the order ID should consist of both number AND letters, but the order ID provided to me in the confirmation email only was numbers. The line was also shitty so you could tell this was just bullshit!!! Ended the call cause we didn’t come anywhere. Also I tried emailing two different email addresses from them, no reply yet….

    I freezed my account and made then send me a new one so that they can’t withdraw any money from me..

    To be continued….

    1. russhowepti avatar

      Best of luck with it.

      If it’s any additional help, this is taken from the company’s terms and conditions on the sales page:

      “You may cancel your Subscription Plan at any time by simply contacting customer service by calling +44 8000318183. If you are trying to cancel outside of the customer care hours of operation Monday-Friday Open 24 Hours you may submit a request of cancellation by email to support@alphafemmeproducts.co.uk. Your request for cancellation, whether by phone or email, will be processed immediately; however, you will be responsible for any charges, billing or shipments that have already been shipped to you or that have already been delivered to you at the time of your cancellation. All cancellation requests whether by phone or email should receive a cancellation confirmation number and an email stating your subscription has been canceled. It is suggested to keep this number for your records. Any future discrepancies resulting from not having a cancellation confirmation number will be at the discretion of Alpha Titan Products LTD.”

  7. Kiah avatar

    Russ you we my hero! Praise this article, also placebo pills aside I really enjoyed reading it. I love your writing style and honesty

    1. russhowepti avatar

      Thank you!

      1. CanadianCarrieann avatar

        THANK YOU! I almost got suckered in with the Dragon’s Den hype. Kudos Russ!

  8. russhowepti avatar

    ** UPDATE **

    If you were unfortunate enough to sign up before finding this review, info on how to cancel can be found in the company’s Terms & Conditions page, as follows:

    “You may cancel your Subscription Plan at any time by simply contacting customer service by calling +44 8000318183. If you are trying to cancel outside of the customer care hours of operation Monday-Friday Open 24 Hours you may submit a request of cancellation by email to support@alphafemmeproducts.co.uk. Your request for cancellation, whether by phone or email, will be processed immediately; however, you will be responsible for any charges, billing or shipments that have already been shipped to you or that have already been delivered to you at the time of your cancellation. All cancellation requests whether by phone or email should receive a cancellation confirmation number and an email stating your subscription has been canceled. It is suggested to keep this number for your records. Any future discrepancies resulting from not having a cancellation confirmation number will be at the discretion of Alpha Titan Products LTD.”

    I’d do the above, then also cancel any pending payments with your bank (not that this company look untrustworthy, but, actually they do look untrustworthy as f**k).

  9. Jacklynn Winmill avatar
    Jacklynn Winmill

    I also recently got sucked in, caught in a moment of weakness, and I did not read terms and conditions thoroughly.
    Credit card says, since I agreed to the terms, there’s nothing they can do.
    Even though I got confirmation of cancellation through email, I didn’t trust them.

  10. Eileen Fitzgerald avatar
    Eileen Fitzgerald

    The number I called and had no problem cancelling was: 1 800 833 1291.

  11. Claire avatar

    I also got sucked in during a moment of weakness. I feel stupid now especially because I regularly work out and up to a couple of months ago I ate healthy too! But through a stint of health issues I have been eating badly as a way to cope which means I have gained a fair bit of weight! So I signed up in desperation thinking that maybe this will be what I need to get back to the shape I love!
    After signing up i decided to google the product and that’s when I realised it was scam! I’m pleased I read your review when I did so thank you for that.
    In the end I called my bank and explained and they have cancelled my card and are sending me a new one with a different number and expiry date.
    I also emailed the company who have said they cannot offer me a refund due to how much it costs them to manufacture the product (luckily I had only paid the £3.95) and that they will cancel my account free of charge (so I’m assuming that they usually charge for account cancellation)
    What an awful company! I have learnt my lesson and if I’m tempted by this kind of thing again I’ll certainly look up the reviews first!

    ** a warning to others also, I also noticed that before you check out with your “free sample” they offer you other products too and i almost clicked on them accidentally, which would of ended up costing more money!!

  12. Elsa Bartolić avatar
    Elsa Bartolić

    OMG you are indeed my hero, almost bought this product, I saw it on Instagram. Lucky before I pay, I just feel need to check the review and found your article.
    I really happy with your honest review, I cancel my order and safe from this scam.

  13. Aina avatar

    This has just happened to me.. you ring them demanding a refund or demanding to talk to the manager and they put the phone down on you, it’s a scam!! Legit left me with £10 pounds and have taken £89 odd quid out of my account it’s absolute bullshit!!!

  14. SJC avatar

    My attention to read your analysis of the magic pill was immediate, I read another similar advert for a wonder product online recently.The same two ladies pictured in the original pill ad had been on TV on Dragons Lair with an equally miraculous face cream – both scams both trying to con people into hefty subscriptions. Enjoyed your article, lighter note it made me laugh. Serious note, vulnerable people looking for a quick fix need to be exposed to the truth about these dangerous ads 👏👏👏

  15. Linaya Fehr avatar
    Linaya Fehr

    This company is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT. I phoned to cancel and whoever I got couldn’t be bothered to deal with me and simply told me to send the product back to an address they gave me. I did so just to be told that wasn’t how it was supposed to work. Now I’m out of a product to send back and being charged 118$!!
    They refuse to give me a refund and they have been charging me for 3 months and have sent me NOTHING.
    They screwed me over financial wise and when you phone they just hang up on you because they don’t want to deal with you!
    Now they have STOLEN money away from me that I could have used for my baby!
    Absolute crooks! Scam scam scam!

  16. Jane Parkes avatar
    Jane Parkes

    Dragons den took me in too. With this keto and anti aging cream. Phoned mbna who cancelled my card. But mete when I rang told me to keep product. Luniesse cream lot gave me 14 days to trial it but product didn, ‘t arrive for 16. Explained to them in email that this did not equate and not heard from them since. Ps it didn,’ t work anyway.

  17. Carina Ladas avatar
    Carina Ladas

    I am out of pocket, I have been cheated, I thought I was paying 4.95 to try and then I could decide what to do. I got another packet and wrote back and asked why I had been sent this and I asked them to stop sending me new ones. My husband and I has the same account so we both thought that ] the sums of 97.45 and 89.21 was the other persons’, the name was not the same on the two posts and I did not recognise them. Why use two different names if you are so honest company??? Why were there two or more charges a month? Is it because people will not react. I am so upset with this, I can ill afford paying 186.66 a month and I have never ordered anything worth that amount per month. I have a few other sums I do not recognise on my statement, different names, small amounts, I wonder if it is the same company as the other two sums are from different companies on the surface, but really the same when you investigate. Shameful to use needy people line this.

  18. Ann Darrigan avatar
    Ann Darrigan

    I also got sucked in,thought 6.98 can.was ok to try. But I got my statement and was charged 147.00 can.Another bottle arrived today but I contacted my card company and red flagged them. I called the number I had but all I got was a fast busy signal.

  19. Jan avatar

    Yes I got sucked into this scam too! What I thought I was ordering is a free sample but then I got a confirmation email for £3.95 plus £2.95 for postage but thought I can cope with that.The next thing I noticed the sum if £97.45 from a different company whom I didnt recognise so I contacted my Bank who stopped my card.I left it for the fraud dept to deal with.My bank refunded me the money while they investigated.This company sent a wad of information with my name on to the bank saying I clicked on it and agreed- what.The information they sent to my bank I never saw on the website – they made it look legit that I know what I signed up to.Ive emailed them and to date nothing. My bank will be taking that money back – scammers.

  20. Amanda Brown avatar
    Amanda Brown

    Just spoke to
    My bank about charge pending on my account – Dishonest company- I only wanted the trial only not an extra 19.95 vital detox- – . I called the number on the website to ask for full refund to be told sorry you will have to return after 40 mins after transaction- a disgrace !!!!
    Will be taking this to the next level of reporting.

  21. K Mensah avatar
    K Mensah

    OMG! Despite some of the science not adding up, I was all ready to enter my card details and press that “rush my order” button when a little voice whispered, “Google an honest review.” Well, I Googled away and up popped your review, Russ. After reading it and the plight of the poor souls who are fighting to get their money back, I say a MASSIVE thank you!!!!

  22. Julie Brown avatar
    Julie Brown

    I have just been sucked into this scam. The advert I saw said it was the company of Kate Middleton! How stupid was I !!! In the process of cancelling my credit card right now. Wish I’d read your review sooner. I won’t be caught out like this again.

  23. Ami Hardy avatar
    Ami Hardy

    I fell for this! But after reading these reviews apparently I was one of the lucky ones… I paid the initial 3.95 and 2.95 postage insurance, which was deducted by probodybrilliant, then a week later I got charged 4.95 by probodytesto, which I was told I was being refunded after I emailed but that never happened. A few days later I got billed £87.71 by a company called NEWLINFODESK, I didn’t even realise who it was until I contacted my bank, who said it was connected to a subscription from probodybrilliant and that they would stop any future deductions from them, but didn’t clarify on the online chat whether they were going to refund me or not before they ended the chat. However I contacted the original 0800 number I got with my first ketogenix order email, and the lady on the phone refunded me the 87.71 and said she has deleted my details from the system. 2 days later my refund just went back in today. Thank god

  24. Andrew Griffin avatar
    Andrew Griffin

    Thank you Russ for all of your information. They suckered me in one night when I was tired . I thought they were giving me a free bottle too try and I didn’t read the fine print . Your right full scam . I am losing wieght as I go to the gym everyday and eat healthy . Anyways thank you for your info .

  25. Amanda Brown avatar
    Amanda Brown

    When you sign up to the free trail pack you are in fact setting yourself up to a monthly subscription that is in the hidden small print. ( thankfully my bank made me aware of this)
    This rip off/sham company have still
    Not refunded despite sending the products back via recorded delivery. They have made things more complicated by asking me to send a further explanation why I’m
    Returning – the rtn form is unable to
    Absolutely appalling rip off company
    I have since changed my bank card

  26. Diane Wilson avatar
    Diane Wilson

    I got caught out too and got charged over 97 quid for the next lot with a different company name it was my bank that phoned to ask me they have now cancelled my cars but according to the company it was not them. Terrible taking money and scamming people. Thanks Ryss wish I’d read this first .

  27. Rach avatar

    Omg this happened to me too!
    I did get a refund from my bank and an email apologising for putting the phone down.
    Got the products but after reading this I think I won’t be sending them back

  28. Christine Donoghue avatar
    Christine Donoghue

    Wish I had read your information . I was scammed. I went to my bank and they said to send them back and get a receipt and ask for a refund. I’ve phoned Alpha about 3 times to get an address without any joy. Ive looked online and see they have an address in Newcastle, Would that be the correct address. I would welcome your response to my queries. Yours sincerely. Mrs Christine Donoghue

    1. russhowepti avatar

      Best of luck with this.

      Taken from their terms & conditions page:

      “You may cancel your Subscription Plan at any time by simply contacting customer service by calling +44 8000318183. If you are trying to cancel outside of the customer care hours of operation Monday-Friday Open 24 Hours you may submit a request of cancellation by email to support@alphafemmeproducts.co.uk. Your request for cancellation, whether by phone or email, will be processed immediately; however, you will be responsible for any charges, billing or shipments that have already been shipped to you or that have already been delivered to you at the time of your cancellation. All cancellation requests whether by phone or email should receive a cancellation confirmation number and an email stating your subscription has been canceled. It is suggested to keep this number for your records. Any future discrepancies resulting from not having a cancellation confirmation number will be at the discretion of Alpha Titan Products LTD.”

      I’m unsure of a physical address for them.

  29. Tintin avatar

    Yes it’s a scam. I am trying free sample. I am using it since 2 weeks, no weight loss at all. Actually it’s making me gain weight due to bloating, constipation & water retention.
    After reading these reviews I am sure they will charge & send a new bottle themselves. I will send cancellation email to them right now & cancel my card.
    I wish I could have read this before:(

  30. Nikki avatar

    I ordered the free trial and two more products was added to my card that I didn’t order. I rang them straight away, both of the customer service representatives said they would refund me. When I didn’t receive the refund I rang again and they put the phone down on me! I rang the fraud department of my bank and they blocked the company from my bank account from further payments, but reading comments above I will ring in the morning and cancel my card to ensure they don’t try with another company name. Surely this company should be stopped, they shouldn’t be able to take people’s money like this.

  31. Betty avatar

    SCAM all the way. I too, got caught up in the advertising of this product. Only to discover within an hour, there was three charges applied to my credit card. I ordered one product, and was charged for three different items. I called the company immediately and was told they couldn’t cancel until I returned the product which was only ordered in the last hour. I was not pleased with the scam they have set up. Very disappointed I immediately cancelled my credit card and ordered a new one. That should solve this problem. I guess I out the money for the three items they charged me with.

  32. Suzi avatar

    Russ, Thank you. This caught my eye as they are NOW obviously getting desperate and stating that HRH The Duchess of Cambridge is the CEO of the company! I thought this would be a conflict of interest for a working senior royal and started looking around and came across your article. Thank goodness as there are some poor souls out there who will be induced to use this by all these fake celeb endorsements, as they will not realise they are fake. Keep up the good work (lol longer arguments with your wife). Suzi

  33. Florentina Coban avatar
    Florentina Coban

    This a HUGE SCAM…They must go to jail… Fraud all the way! The got the money and now they refuse to give me the return because it will not make it on time before the their expiring date. So to understand they give u a free trial of 14 days but is no where stipulated that , you receive your product after almost 2 weeks and then you are out of time to return or realize that they already took the money from your account before the trial period actually expired. I report to my bank fraud department.. Hope they can give me my money back.

  34. Super Dave avatar
    Super Dave

    I appreciate your rant, saves my energy. For those that actually try a ‘keto’ diet, take a supplement with calcium and magnesium. Eg. Rolaids. Grains are a major dietary source of magnesium, deficiency rsises heart attack risk. Carbohydrates help regulate ypur blood Ph. Low carb diets leave your body sacrificing calcium to manage Ph. The calcium can come from a supplement or from your bones.

  35. K. M. avatar
    K. M.

    SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! I have been cheated, I thought I was paying $2.95 to try and then I could decide what to do. My credit card was charged $146.18 and again for $145.42 and some small charges $6.70, $6.60 all unauthorized charges under four different names, the name was not the same on all posts and I did not recognize them. Why use two different names if you are so honest company??? Why were there two or more charges a month? Is it because people will not react. I am so upset with this, I can ill afford paying $146.18 a month and I have never ordered anything worth that amount per month. I wonder if it is the same company as the other two sums are from different companies on the surface, but really the same when you investigate. I contacted the company with several unsuccessful attempts, I requested for refund and I was told to return the product by mail only and refund will be issued to my credit card with in 10 days once they received it . They receive the product on Jan 15, 2020 and I called them back on Feb 11, 2020. They said ” THE PRODUCT WAS RECEIVED UNOPENED BUT IT WAS DAMAGED AND IT DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR RETURN” AND THEY HUNG UP THE HONE ON ME. Shameful to use people like this.

  36. doug avatar

    Thanks for contacting Customer Support. I understand you would like to return your initial trial order. Company policy dictates that we are unable to accept returns in exchange for a refund for the initial trial product as we have not charged you for the product (only Shipping & Handling). Also, please see below for the breakdown of charges with explanation.

    03/02/2020 – $4.99 USD – shipping and handling of Keto Genix trial bottle

    03/02/2020 – $4.95 USD – shipping and handling of G Factor trial bottle (this is a product we offered on check out that compliments the Keto Genix; option to select or decline this is available)

    06/02/2020 $1.99 USD – ProtectShip. This is explained on the order site and is automatically added to your order to ensure we will reship your product at no cost to you in the event the shipment is lost or damaged in transit.

    Thank you.

    Nika | Customer Support


    To every one who need to get in touch with people who sold you a Alpha Femme Keto Genix pills try this info; Customer Service Contact:
    Toll Free: +44 8000318183

    Email: support@alphafemmeproducts.co.uk

    Return Address:
    Alpha Femme Products, PO Box 7883, KETTERING, NN16 6QS

    They just took £97.45 from my account and i wont get it back. I went to my bank they only could block my account so they cant take any more money, and i order new debit card.
    Took me all day to get them on the phone when i finely got them she said that after receiving a pills you have 2 weeks to council your account and i didnt that way they took my money and they would keep taking every month to i council the account. I didint know this.

  38. Mc Goog avatar
    Mc Goog

    Cancel credit card

  39. sena avatar

    Alpha Femme Products, ontario, CAD

    They added more items when I only ordered trial version of Keo Genix. I have canceled right away. They ignored, me after several phone calls, emails they kept making excuse and excuse offering discount and misleading , false information Took me all month to get them accept refund but after waiting 3 weeks still no refund finally I called last time then she said that after receiving a my refund form they rejected my refund that I am not qualified.
    They refused refund the money charged 3 different products I didnt ordered and I never received ..
    . The company complete SCAM.

  40. Beth avatar

    Right at the end of their small print terms & conditions there is an address for them:
    Alph Titan Products Ltd
    Office 3
    The Stables Brickwall Farm
    Sible Headingham
    CO9 3RH

  41. Cheryl MacKenzie avatar
    Cheryl MacKenzie

    Like I said I live in Canada. Would the same phone number and website be used by me? I already got scammed with 3 bottles and i can’t figure out how to cancel.

  42. Cheryl MacKenzie avatar
    Cheryl MacKenzie

    I just found a number for Canada it is 1 800 833 1291

  43. Shagufta avatar

    This is a joke i thought i was going to receive a free trial and just pay P&P they took £97.45 i rang my bank to let them know that i didnt recognise this payment. My bank gave me their number to cancel the subscription which i did and returned the unopened products recorded delivery. which was signed for on 20.02.20. I have rang them numerous times and emailed them. The customer service is shit phone calls are not logged and they wont let me speak to a manager. I am still waiting for my refund.
    Luckily i have a photograph of the unopened products and Royal Mail receipt.

    Dont order any products from them they are quick to take money out of your account but wont refund

  44. Kiloran Murrell avatar
    Kiloran Murrell

    I never entered into an agreement You sent me a free trial then you automatically took money out of me account when l never sanctioned it I have asked you to make contact with no success

    1. russhowepti avatar

      Hey Kiloran,
      Why are you leaving this comment here? This is a REVIEW of these awful products – nothing to do with the company. I suggest contacting them, as many of the other commenters have. Companies like “Alpha Femme Keto Genix” are all too common in the fitness world, they give honest brands a bad name.


  45. Dawn avatar

    Hi Liona I have had the same problem I called to cancel then emailed no reply by email for cancellation number I phone and was told it was already cancelled my cancellation number was my order number with the letter c at the end. No payments were taken from my credit card as I cancelled after reading the reviews and still no reply to my emails with the number.

    Thus is something I would not normally do but was stupid and got caught out. Not sure what to do now any suggestions anyone?

  46. Dayna avatar

    Ok this is complete bullshit
    It looks like alot of people are in the same boat that I am in now as well… these people scam you out of money! I have a charge on my card now from them that only showed up today when I tried telling them I didn’t want it they just shut me down said sorry all we can do is cancel your account and not charge you anymore. I called my credit card company back and they also said they will put a stop on anything future from them if they try it again but I’m fuming mad and plan on finding someone to fix this ridiculous situation

    Here is the phone number for this company as well
    1 855 365 0253

  47. Amanda Holmes avatar
    Amanda Holmes

    I’ve just found this website after clicking on a page whilst scrolling through Facebook which says that Lorraine Kelly is leaving GMTV to concentrate on her new company Alpha Femme Keto Genix which is because the company clashed with GMTV sponsor Weight Watchers. I filled inn all my debit card details to get a free trial but got a message saying that ‘sorry this card could not be accepted’ and to try another card. Tried it twice but then decided to google it, finding this page. Do I need to cancel my card as it looks like the order didn’t go through 🤔🙁.

  48. Benita avatar

    I would not trust theses guys. Maybe cancel your card to be on the safe side once they have your card details they just keep taking money.

    The guys are scammers and definitely need to be stopped. How the hell are they getting away with this?

  49. Lilian avatar

    This company is a huge SCAM!! This is exactly what happened to me.I ordered one product and they pushed 3 products on me and then take various charges from my account. They also say i am subscribed for future
    monthly payments for the products

  50. russhowepti avatar


    I receive emails every single day from people trying to cancel. To do that, you’ll need to contact the company itself. Some other commenters have left their contact info down below.

    Make sense? Good stuff.

  51. Jay avatar

    I am having the same problems getting a refund for money taken after I cancelled. The representative apparently didn’t make a note of the cancellation at the time. Now they tell me I cancelled a day too late. SCAM.

  52. S avatar

    Has everyone here in the Uk reported them to trading standards , I really urge you to do so

  53. Rachelle Lanthier avatar
    Rachelle Lanthier

    Thank you very much for the info

  54. Julie M McMurray avatar
    Julie M McMurray

    I wish I would of done research first!!!! The trial has gone up now to £100.93. I got it back last month from the bank but they changed their business name and took another 100.93 out of my bank on Thursday! Fuming isn’t the word for these Skanks! I’m more embarrassed to be honest.
    Also does anyone actually get the other pills they have been charged £100 for???? Hmmm I thought not.

  55. Julie Whittle Mcmurray avatar
    Julie Whittle Mcmurray

    You just have to wait 15 days from when the money left your bank then the fraud squad at your bank will refund it because the bogus company can say that they are sending the product and there’s nothing you can do. Leaving it the 15 day’s is evident they didn’t intend to send you anything. Fingers crossed my new card puts an end to this!

  56. Sherri Burridge avatar
    Sherri Burridge

    what I dont understand about the trial bottle how your getting charged shipping and handling for each bottle yet they all came in the same manilla envelope

  57. Marianne avatar

    Hi Cheryl, did you get the cancellation?

  58. Marianne avatar

    Hi Dawn, was the cancellation successful? Did you receive charges on your credit card after you called? Thanks!

  59. Jenny avatar

    The ad says all 6 Shark Tank people endorsed this product. How can Keto Genix get away with this if it isn’t true?

  60. Dawn avatar

    Hi Marianne I cancelled my credit card and reported the item as fraud, as the transaction was coming up under a different name. They tried to take the money again on two occasions on the cancelled card but was just rejected by my credit card company.
    I hope this helps.

  61. Dawn avatar

    Hi Marianne. Apologies yes my cancellation was successful after I emailed them and got a cancellation number.
    But as stated in my previous comment I cancelled my card and reported them as fraud Therefore they never managed to take any money from my credit card.

  62. Claire avatar

    This is being heavily publicised in Facebook as the secret to Adele’s weight loss transformation quoting conversation she had on the Ellen Degeneres show about the product.

    1. russhowepti avatar

      A conversation which never happened. They did the same thing with Princess Kate, and some Dragons Den guru last year. If they write it on their page, most people presume it must be true because “they can’t just lie”. There are more fake celebrity testimonials for this product than any other I’ve ever seen – not limited to the ones I’ve included in this article.

  63. kwin2303@gmail.com avatar

    thanks so much for this I too had been hoodwinked, I’m usually onto this stuff but it seemed so genuine. have returned the sample bottle pills told them to cancel but reported to bank and cancelled my debit card anyway. its an absolutely disgrace, I would hope one of the celebrities would take legal action

  64. Craig Pim avatar
    Craig Pim

    Hi All unfortunately I get sucked in very unusual for me anyway. I just cancelled and hopefully thats the end of it.
    I used1-866-217-3747 that is a Us number and were polite giving me a cancellation numberWe will see!
    The other number someone already posted is a Can number 188-833-1291.
    I hope this saves someone from losing any more money.
    Good luck

  65. Caylee avatar

    Well said Ashley.

  66. Annette Halley avatar
    Annette Halley

    Have been in contact with them daily about a product I did not order £20. They advised send the product back with RMA number on the outside do not tamper with the packaging. Just send it back. Which I did, now they want the tracking number for the parcel, I sent back to them, so I guess I can kiss that £20 goodbye.

  67. Michael Maloney avatar
    Michael Maloney

    I got sucked in usually anything offered with only pay the shipping is to get your credit card number. I’ve been calling them for over a month and they keep sending me a refund from then they deny the refund.I can’t get a hold of anyone at Visa so I have my card locked. So far it’s cost me 175

  68. Samantha Escrow avatar
    Samantha Escrow

    Good God you went deep on this one! It’s absurd that some of these companies think they can get away with using celebrity likenesses or making up endorsements for their product! Makes me mad. After reading the other comments here, and seeing how high this comes up in Google when you search this company, you’ve definitely made a mark on their ill-gotten profits!

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