Hourglass Fat Burner Review – Nope

Imagine a pill which helped you lose weight the easy way.

No effort required.

And it’s guaranteed to work.

Well, that’s what you’re getting with Hourglass, the new “fat burner” on the supplement market…

… or so they say.

So buckle up, because today I will be putting Hourglass Fat Burners through my deliberately harsh supplement rating system (no product has ever achieved 5 stars!) to determine whether it’s anywhere near as good as it claims to be.

But first…

hourglass fit review

Rage Engaged

Let me set the scene for you.

Imagine that feeling you get when you’re waiting in a long line for a supermarket checkout and they open up a new one, and all the people from the back of the queue try to rush to the front of the new one ahead of you.

Pure anger, right?

Uncle Russ gets that same feeling when looking at the formula for this product.

It should come as no surprise, though, as it’s developed by UK-based manufacturers Roar Ambition.

These are the same folks who released 4 Gauge (pre workout) and Instant Knock Out (fat burner); both products littered with misleading claims and bogus science which were torn new a**holes in my previous supplement reviews.

But hey, let’s give Hourglass a chance.

Maybe they learned a valuable lesson and they no longer try to manipulate customers.

Hourglass fat burners

Hourglass Fat Burner Review


They did not.

One look at the sales page for this product and we see Roar Ambition are up to all their familiar tricks:

  • Using buzzwords like “natural” to make you think a product is automatically good… Hurricanes are natural.
  • Bogus science everywhere… Oh, we’ll debunk the f**k out of that.
  • A miracle pill… No need to change your diet or train hard, this pill has all the answers.

As with my previous reviews, I figure the best way for me to take you through this is to simply snapshot their own sales page and then take you through all the mistakes.

Here we go…

hourglass fat burner review

The promise of instant results is based largely on the inclusion of glucomannan.

This soluble fiber is hailed as a miracle ingredient which is “proven to lead to weight loss”.

Not so fast.

While the inclusion of fiber is a good idea (because most of us don’t eat enough fiber), it will not cause weight loss. This was clearly shown in a massive 2014 meta-analysis published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.

Researchers concluded that the majority of studies involving glucommanan had questionable quality control, and even then, glucommanan produced such a tiny impact on weight loss results it was deemed statistically insignificant. (1)

If this is the main ingredient in the formula, we have problems.

Roar Ambition also claim that Hourglass will speed up your metabolism, a claim they make nine times on the sales page without ever really delving into the science of how it does so.

You know why?

Because there is no science.

The whole “speeding up your metabolism” claim is typical fat burner jargon and comes down to he inclusion of another ingredient; green tea extract.

You’ll find green tea extract in almost every “fat burner” on the market.

But here’s the thing…

While the antioxidants in green tea are nice, research does not support its reputation as a fat burner. (2, 3, 4)

In fact, a 2009 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition expertly showed that green tea has no effect on resting metabolic rate. (5)

Even a tiny calorie burning effect from green tea would need a dose so large it would be almost toxic, and would depend on the person being caffeine naive.

So let’s put this myth to bed; green tea does not speed up your metabolism!

hourglass fat burner

Spot Reduction

Ah, good old spot reduction.

First off, that’s a model in the picture.

Not a “delighted customer”.

But if promising easy results in the previous section wasn’t enough, they up the ante further by giving us the idea we can hit specific areas of our body with this pill.

This is known as spot reduction, and it’s a complete myth.

Your body will burn fat from wherever it wants to burn fat. There is no way to tell to “lift our jawline” or “tighten our glutes”. (6)

No Effort Required

For a product which claims to be developed with the latest cutting edge science, Hourglass sure loves to talk s**t.

There is no such thing as results without effort.

Sadly, the fat burner market hinges on people’s desperation to find “one simple trick”, and Roar Ambition are merely using a tactic adopted by many others in the same space – promising instant results without any work.

They also double down on nonsense about how the product will speed up your metabolism (already debunked).

Then they refer to themselves as:

“One of the world’s leading supplement companies.”



And to top it off, we get this corker:

“It’s simple biology: the body and metabolism of an athlete responds entirely differently to the rest of the population. So an athlete’s choice of fat burner almost certainly won’t be the most effective for your body shape and metabolism. Which is where Hourglass Fit comes in…”

That’s not simple biology at all.

Allow me to rephrase it for them:

“It’s simple biology: fat burners don’t work.”

An athlete’s choice of fat burner should be exactly the same as your choice: none!

This is audience manipulation, enabling Roar Ambition to cleverly target women who have previously been ripped off with ineffective fat burners by playing on the notion that it’s not because fat burners are whack, but rather because they weren’t formulated properly.

hour glass fat burner review

Literally No Science

For a company who like to hype up their use of cutting edge science, they sure don’t provide much of it.

First, women don’t need different ingredients in a fat burner to men.

Also, the claim that Hourglass is “PROVEN to dull cravings” is based on the previously mentioned glucommanan, which we’ve already debunked.

“By saying NO to harsh caffeine and other stimulants, we take your mood and well-being into account. Unlike most other fat burners, Hourglass Fit doesn’t amplify mood swings, it adapts to them.”

By “other fat burners”, do they mean Instant Knockout?

(The other fat burner developed by the same company, in which they spent a great deal of time hyping up how effective caffeine was for losing weight!)

We also get the audacious claim that:

“We give you a powerful combination of all of Mother Nature’s finest fat burners… the most optimized female fat burner available without prescription.”

Big claim there.

Let’s take a look at what the science says then…

hourglass fat burner honest review
  • 100mg Cayenne

While spicy foods may cause an increase in the thermic effect of food, we’d need absurd amounts to create a spike significant enough to actually see results from it.

  • 500mg Green Tea Extract

I’ve already shown you why this is an ineffective ingredient for fat burning benefits.

But here’s the funny thing..

Roar Ambition spend a great deal of time painting caffeine as “the bad guy” in typical fat burner formulas, failing to realize that green tea extract also contains caffeine (?!) and any energy boost provided as a result of this ingredient is caused by that hidden caffeine content.

  • 100mg Guarana

Here’s another one to make you laugh your a** off…

Gurana is also high in caffeine.

That’s why it gives you an energy boost! But here’s the real kicker – in order for guarana to be effective for weight loss purposes, it must be combined with ephedra (the illegal fat burner).

  • 125mg Chromium

If you have a chromium deficiency, adding it to your diet can help.

But you’d require a dose roughly ten times the amount found in Hourglass Fit.

And if you don’t have a chromium deficiency, you simply don’t need it. Taking additional amounts in supplement form will not give you any additional benefits for controlling your hunger. (7, 8, 9, 10)

  • 1500mg Glucomannan

We’ve already debunked this ingredient above.

The only benefit on offer here is that it’ll increase your fiber intake.

As for the combination of vitamins, you could pick up a decent multivitamin (for considerably less cost, too) which would smash the numbers you’re getting here as well as provide you with the spectrum of vitamins this product doesn’t contain.

hourglass fat burner review

Eat What You Want

Just when I think things couldn’t get any worse for Hourglass, they do.

Not content with the parade of bulls**t we’ve seen so far, they up the ante even further with this claim:

“Even better, because Hourglass Fit simultaneously burns fat while boosting your metabolism, no food is off limits.”

With this statement, they’ve completed a hat-trick.

  • Stacks of fat burning myths
  • Promising results for no effort
  • Saying food doesn’t matter

And to finish off with a “bang”, we get this four piece:

Hourglass Fit Fat Burner review

“How did those silk-clad courtesans of the Chinese empire dynasty maintain their tell-tale curves? In the history of classical beauty, it’s a question that puzzled Western science for decades. But now, the answer has been revealed. And the biochemistry behind it is at the core of Hourglass Fit.”

It’s not because they drank green tea.

Perhaps it’s because they didn’t have a f**king McDonald’s on every corner.

Roar Ambition are trying to double-down on their notion that food doesn’t matter, because we can offset everything with green tea.

Utter bulls**t.

“It has long been established that certain peoples in the world manage to maintain their shapely figure, even when consuming the same amount of calories as people in the West. Their secret baffled observers for centuries. But did you know the answer could lie with ONE key ingredient?.”

Yes, Roar Ambition really are telling us that the reason certain cultures show more weight loss results than others is as simple as “they eat peppers.”

Isn’t it funny how it’s always “one key ingredient”?

But the truth is very simple:

If someone eats the same number of calories as you but they lose more weight, it means they have a better energy balance. It’s the law of thermodynamics. (11)

They should be ashamed of themselves.

“Indigenous tribes have valued the guarana bush since time began. Its jewel-like fruit forming a key component to their diets and natural medicine cabinet. And now modern clinical studies have unveiled the fat-burning benefits it delivers. See why it features prominently in Hourglass Fit.”

These claims sound like they’re taken straight from an episode of Dr. Oz.

You shouldn’t eat something just because indigenous tribes eat it.

Heck, they also rush their teeth with twigs.

But while it does have an energy boosting side to it, this is down to the fact it contains caffeine.

Modern clinical studies have not unveiled the fat burning effects it delivers. Rather, they’ve shown us that it’s f**king useless for fat loss without the now banned substance ephedra.

Roar Ambition supplements review

See, I’ve got your back…

Uncle Russ predicted they’d do this at the start of today’s article.

“Perhaps you’ve had previous experience with other fat burners, only to be left disappointed?

But, almost certainly, your earlier disappointment was based on green coffee bean / caffeine-based burners. These produce negligible short term effect, and almost no long term difference. You soon become tolerant to caffeine’s effects, and the positive impact is curbed.

Because Hourglass Fit says ‘No!’ to the caffeine (a cheap ingredient used to bulk out inferior products) you’ll experience none of the upset stomach, bloated tummy and energy slumps associated with so many other fat burners..

Instead, you’ll be able to get on with your day – with your sugary cravings curbed – silently and safely fighting fat..

We’re so sure of it, we GUARANTEE it.”

I’d love Roar Ambition to explain something to me…

If fat burners based on green coffee bean and caffeine are so awful, why is their premium fat burner (Instant Knockout) based solely on those two ingredients?

I’m being serious. Contact me here.

Rest assured, if you’ve previously been let down by an experience with a fat burner it’s because fat burners don’t work.

That’s all.

There is no pill that can override the golden rule of calories in versus calories out.

And if you have been sucked in by this one, and perhaps you’re reading this article to confirm you were duped by Hourglass, might I suggest you take them up on that GUARANTEE.

They haven’t been smart enough to include any stipulations, such as the obvious “must be comined with a calorie controlled diet and exercise”…

“And significantly less than the cost of the alternative: personal trainers, meal plans or just wasting your money on the ineffective formulations from other brands.”

A fat burner is not an alternative to exercise and diet.

You are not gonna “tighten those glutes” and “tone those arms” (from the earlier pics) by popping a capsule then diving head first into a cheesecake.

If only.

“Kickstart years of stuttering metabolism in seconds.”

Cuz magic.

hourglass fat burners review

Hourglass Fat Burners Review – The Final Verdict

Well, the moment is here.

I conclude my Hourglass Fat Burners review by putting it through my supplement rating system.

How many stars will this one get?

As you can probably tell already, I wasn’t a big fan.

Nor should you be.

These are basic as f**k ingredients with very little scientific research to show any effectiveness (and stacks that shows otherwise), packaged in a pretty tub in much the same way previous releases from the same company have been brought to market.

Of course, all of this is just the opinion of Uncle Russ.

If you’d like to try it, you can pick up some fairy dust fat burners for “only” £35 here.

It gets half a star.

hourglass fit review



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