how to train and diet during lockdown

How To Train & Diet During Lockdown

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Lockdown 2020 is a real b**ch for gym rats like me.

Instead of banging and clanging in the weights room, I’m watching my muscles disappear in the mirror.

… or am I?


Today I’m going to show you what exactly I’ve been doing to stay in shape during lockdown, but first, I want you to check out this e-mail from website member Stephanie. It presents some issues I’ve seen a LOT of recently…

“Hey Russ, I’m feeling really low during lockdown.

I feel like I’m not good enough.

The people I follow online are talking about how they’ve never trained harder, and work friends share pictures saying if you don’t learn a new skill or start a business, then you’re lazy… am I?

I’m guessing they don’t have kids?! Or is there something wrong with me?

– Stephanie

Here we go again… my old friend social media.

I’m not a fan of it, because whenever readers get in touch with me about things, social media is usually playing some part in making them feel like absolute dog s**t.

On the rare occasion I’ve looked at my feed during lockdown, I’ve seen two types of people…

(…and they’re both wrong as f**k.)

Hopefully this post helps you, shows you there’s nothing wrong with you if you’re not at your best during lockdown, and makes you laugh at the knucklef**ks I’m about to talk about…

The first type has already thrown in the towel for 2020. “Lockdown” has presented them with an excuse to check out early and write off the rest of this year.

And that’s cool if that’s your thing, but it definitely ain’t mine.

You don’t wanna undo all your hard work in the gym by ‘slobbing off’ (my new favorite term), and trust me, when you get back to training you’ll be glad you’re not among the thousands of people complaining “I feel like I’m starting from scratch!”.

And then we move on to the second type of people I see on social media – who you should also completely ignore.

lockdown home workout program

These are so-called “fitfluencers” (job description; someone who wants to be a coach but thinks their good looks outweigh the need to earn qualifications) and they’re telling you to do all kinds of over-complicated s**t that requires your home to be a state of the art training facility.

According to these fools, your should be dieting and training EVEN HARDER THAN YOU WERE BEFORE, because now there are no distractions.

Also, your house is NOT a state of the art training facility.

It’s a house.

If it’s anything like my house, it’s populated by a gang of miniature people who wear underpants on their head and jump all over you the second you try to do anything remotely active.

And that’s fine. That’s real life.

So yeah, Yasmin Yoga Pants might frown at you because you don’t always think about #thegrind, and she might desperately want to earn your clicks before she f**ks her knees up with those super-dangerous split squats performed across two garden chairs, but f**k her.

And as the world collapses, these cringe-worthy orange motherf**kers post egotistical bulls**t images of themselves looking over their shoulder, smiling at their own butt, with a 1000 word caption about why you need to buy their new kale smoothies because #wellbeing.

My F**king God.

There’s another word I hate.

A wellbeing coach is what your neighbor Jackie calls herself when she decides to start selling detox drinks. It’s not a thing.

Wellbeing. Wellbeing. Wellbeing.

There, now it sounds weird maybe they’ll stop saying it.

As for the claims that you’re “lazy” if you don’t start a business or learn a new skill during quarantine… this is usually who it comes from.

These type of statements make me sick, because they’re mistaking shaming for motivating. Shaming doesn’t work, and just makes it more evident that these motherf**kers haven’t coached anybody in their life.

It’s important to remember that we’re going through an actual pandemic here and people respond in different ways.

It’s about getting through it any way you can, it’s not a f**king contest.

The coronavirus pandemic will be something your kids ask about when you get older, and when they do, I guarantee they won’t say “Yeah but how often did you workout?”

How To Train & Diet PROPERLY During Lockdown…

lockdown 2020

Apologies for the rage, but it really narks me when people (particularly women) feel like they are “not good enough”.

I believe those responsible need to be called out for what they are.

So, with that said, what should we do during lockdown to stay in shape?

I mean, chances are you don’t want to lose your hard earned results – but chances are also you can’t go ‘all out’, right?

Well, in the immortal words of Jon Bon Jovi:

“When you can’t do what you do, do what you can.”

Here’s what to do…

First, don’t compare yourself to f**kwits on social media.

Most of these berserkers do not live the lives they post online, and have never trained anyone in real life.

All this fake stuff does is put unnecessary pressure on us to be ‘perfect’ at at time when our lives are anything but.

After two weeks of lockdown, most peoples homes (mine included!) look like a scene from Mad Max. At this stage, I’m pretty sure my girlfriend has become a pirate and the kids are selling petrol on the black market.

It’s weird as f**k.

But that’s real life!

The next thing we can do is focus on the stuff we can control.

Your diet is one, and your training is another.

Let’s start with your nutrition…

I believe you should make your diet as simple as a motherf**ker.

We’ve been living in the Upside Down for the last few weeks, and if it continues for as long as expected, I don’t want you worrying about every last macronutrient for the sake of being lean. Also, food choices are a bit chaotic right now, which can really increase stress.

Just try to stay kinda where you need to be in terms of calories.

Yes, your diet can be that simple and still get results.

When I say “kinda” where you need to be, I mean there’s nothing wrong with having the occasional Netflix & Binge. It is the apocalypse, after all.

Now let’s talk training.

Again, simplicity is your answer.

This is not the time to “go hardcore” if a) you’re struggling with motivation, or b) you find it hard to train because you have kids, or c) you don’t have much space/equipment.

Attempting something crazy in that situation will mean you don’t stick to it – and that’s the real key to results.

One easy option I’ve been using during lockdown is to make sure you get 10-15k steps each day.

It gets you out of the house, you can take the kids, and it’s not stressful at all until you see a motherf**ker who walks towards you with no regard for social distancing.

I’ve been really enjoying walking as a means of burning extra calories.

But seeing as people are absolute thunderc**ts who can’t obey the rules, the government may eventually enforce a full-scale lockdown which prevents us from leaving the house at all.

What then?

Yeah, I’ve got your back.

Here’s where home workouts come in handy.

But not just any home workouts…. home workouts you can actually do, and stick to.

Structure is everything.

Contrary to what some “experts” believe, a properly structured training plan should only take up a very small part of your day. Not your entire day.

When you are restricted to training in a house with kids and zero equipment, you should cut any unnecessary clutter from your routine and focus only on the stuff that works.

Grab a 5 minute warm-up, followed by short bursts of conditioning exercises performed in circuits for about 30-45 minutes IN TOTAL.

Use this structure:

  • Grab a 5 minute warm-up.
  • Pick 4 exercises.
  • Perform 15 reps each, then 14 reps each, then 13 reps each, and so on.
  • Complete as much as you can in 30-45 minutes.
  • Train your full body every single time.

My website members know, when I saw the apocalypse coming a couple of months back I scrambled to create a fully structured home workout program they could use if gyms shut down.

What you see above are the foundations of my Home Workout Hero training program.

home workout hero

Now back to my original point – you see how simple this is?

That’s the key to getting/staying in shape during this time.


“When you can’t do what you do, do what you can.”

Jon Bon Jovi
  • Keeping it straightforward makes it simple.
  • When things are simple we stick to them.
  • Consistency gives us easy results.
  • Results mean zero stress when everybody else is freaking the f**k out.
  • A**holes will be a**holes, leave them to it.

Follow that advice and you’re golden.

Now that you’ve got the perfect lockdown routine down, what will you do with all this extra time you’ve freed up?

Well, I just want you to have fun.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. This is a weird time, and we should take every chance we can to replace fear with happiness.

If you have kids, it’s important to realize that they’ll remember this s**t forever. I want you to embrace that and enjoy it, rather than be stood in the garden worrying about why you don’t own a Cable Crossover.

So go build a fort. Play some board games. Stuff pillows up their jumpers and make them fight.

Or, in my case, break out the S&M gear and join the whole Mad Max thing.

That’s why I’ve been quiet on social media the last few weeks, that’s what I’ve been doing. Job done, and not a kale smoothie in sight.

If you’d like to use my “Home Workout Hero” plan alongside the thousands of others who are doing just that, go here. Every website member gets all my published training plans for just $10 a month or $120 lifetime. There ain’t another trainer in the world who provides as much value. Enjoy.

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