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Have you ever struggled to see results in the gym?


Struggle no more! brings you comprehensive fat loss programs, muscle building programs, and detailed nutrition advice to help you build your BEST BODY.


Set your goals. Smash your targets. Unlock your true potential.





Fat loss plans for maximum results in the shortest timeframe, muscle building programs for insane gains in size & strength, the members area gives you access to every program all year round.



No more fad diet bulls**t for you. I'll teach you how to grasp the science behind the nutrition you need for a lean, muscular physique - all you have to do is follow the numbers!

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The money you'll save from the advice in this section is worth the membership price alone. I'll teach you exactly what my clients use when training for fat loss and hypertrophy, and I'll show you how to cut out all the nonsense that doesn't work!


There are programs for every goal, and you can use ALL of them.

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Russ Howe PTI


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"Your future is decided by what you do right now - not tomorrow!"


These words were yelled at me as a 9 year old, when I was laid up in a hospital bed facing the prospect of never walking again, and it's a phrase which has kinda stuck with me ever since.


Hey, my name is Russ, and this is my website.


If you've landed here then I want you to know you're in safe hands. I've been a personal trainer for almost 20 years, and in that time I've helped thousands of men and women improve their bodies. Some were professional athletes, some were busy parents, some were complete gym newbies. Heck, some were people who had previously tried EVERYTHING (and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!) and not found anything that worked for them.


And let me tell you something...


There are TWO key factors behind how all of my clients have changed their physiques...


The first key factor is determination.


You see, there is nothing more powerful than human will. When somebody is frustrated with something and decides they're going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to succeed, there is literally NOTHING to stop them. I know this, because I once faced the very real possibility of spending my entire life in a wheelchair and I fought my way out of it.


The second key factor is knowledge, and that's where I come in.


I've been in the gym since 1990, worked as a trainer since 2004, and written for some very well-known fitness publications along the way. I don't say this to boast (in fact, I'm cringing writing it), but rather to show you that you're in good company.


By helping you channel your determination in the right areas, and focus on the stuff that REALLY WORKS, I intend to help you build your very best body. I'll get you to simplify the things which need simplifying. I'll get you to push harder on the things which can return the biggest results. And above all, I'll give you the tools you need to get in fantastic shape.


With this website I'd like to give you the information you've been looking for - in the form of my PROVEN training plans which have been used by thousands of others around the world - to help you build YOUR best body. All you have to do is follow the programs.



Real people with unreal results!




"I wanted abs... and I've got them!


I used to spend hours on the treadmill and be scared to use the free weights in the gym. One day I decided to contact Russ online, and the rest is history! That day totally changed the way I train forever!


Now I feel really confident performing exercises I previously would never have even attempted, and the workouts are a constant challenge which keeps me focused on hitting my goals. I just log in and use the DAILY TRAINER workouts at the top of the page, which Russ updates every couple of weeks with fresh workouts. Even though I probably curse Russ' name in every session (because the programs are NOT easy!)... IT'S WORTH IT!


I feel much more confident in how I look!"

Russ Howe personal trainer



"Russ is THE MAN! It feels EXCELLENT to actually feel back in control of my own goals.


I used to over-complicate everything. I'd stress out if I missed a training session, or a meal, or couldn't perform a certain exercise at the gym if it was too busy, and the stress wasn't worth it - because I NEVER got the results I wanted!


Russ has made a huge difference for me. He's helped me remove all the pressure by basically doing the 'leg work' for me. I know I can just go to my gym, load up the website, and follow the program!


His advice on nutrition has also been top notch.


I'd spent years putting pressure on myself and beating myself up whenever my diet got hard, or I ate something I knew wasn't in my plan, and this just added to the constant stress I felt like I was under. Through Russ I've learned how to set up my diet correctly to match my goals, and it's WAY EASIER than what I was previously doing on my own. There's no more stress, there's no more doubt, and if I have a day where I go off plan I know how to sort myself out.


I'm so happy with my shape, my confidence, and my strength!


Ladies, this is 100% the way forward!"




"Russ' programs have been excellent for me.


It's really straightforward and literally like having him train you in person; choose a program, follow the workouts as he's written them out, and that's it! The amount of work which has gone into it, I'm sure he lives in the gym LOL. But it's so handy, and it gets results!


I'm currently in better shape than ever, and I'm really enjoying the fact that my training is handled by an expert so I don't need to think about anything other than doing the work.


Last year I used the Beach Bum program to prepare for my summer holiday, and the results were probably the best I've ever seen in such a short time (8 weeks)."

Russ Howe personal trainer



"Total game changer!


In the past I've struggled with staying motivated long enough to see results, but now I feel like I've finally cracked it! The weights workouts Russ comes up with are tons of fun, and I feel like I can see new results every week, which is great. I'm hooked on the feeling of pushing myself hard at the gym and trying new methods out because Russ is able to explain complex things in a way even a dummy can understand, which has given me the confidence to try tons of new stuff (pause reps, 100 rep dropsets, the mountain method!).


My confidence is higher than ever, I feel like I'm training for a Rocky movie, and I've lost over 60 LBS so far!"

russ howe pti

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