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Revital U Smart Coffee Review – The Only HONEST Review Online!

Amazing weight loss drink, or silly gimmick? This brutally honest Revital U Smart Coffee Review will give you the hard FACTS on what to expect.


This article:

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Ping! Your inbox just buzzed.

It’s Jane, your high school friend who hasn’t spoken to you for 20 years.

And before you can say “Hey, you used to bully me lol” she’s dropped a lengthy text about the new weight loss shake she wants to sell you. Yep, Jane is living her #bestlife, and it turns out YOU can too – all you gotta do is sell your soul buy this drink!

It’s happened to us all, right? We all know a Jane.

And the latest weight loss product to enter this arena is Revital U Smart Coffee, which claims it can help you drop unwanted body fat by simply chugging down a cup of product every day (no exercise, no diet, nothing!). Just like everything before it, they proclaim it to be “the best weight loss supplement ever developed!”…

Today I will decide if that’s TRUE.

But before we do that, I’ve gotta make something clear. All of my reviews are completely science based and totally impartial. What you’ll get here are the facts – not some fake ‘review’ written by a sales affiliate who hits you with a pitch to “join the team” at the end. Heck, when you finish this the only decision you need to make is whether you really wanna accept that friend request from “Jane”!

Consider this the most comprehensive Revital U Smart Coffee review on the entire internet.

I’m going to answer ALL of the big questions, including:

  • Does Revital U Smart Coffee Work? (Will it help you lose weight?)
  • Should We Call Regular Coffee “Supid Coffee” From Now On?
  • Is Revital U Smart Coffee Expensive?
  • Is Revital U Smart Coffee Safe?

revital u smart coffee reviews

The Problem With Products Like This…

Weight loss shakes, drinks and capsules are aimed at a market which wants results NOW and doesn’t have time to break down the claims being made.

This allows bad science to thrive.

We’ve seen it before with Juice Plus, Herbalife, and many others.

As such, we have pages and pages of salespeople claiming they’ve lost weight without reducing their calories and without doing any form of exercise, which would of course break the law of thermodynamics. (14)

There are zero clinical studies in the history of the human race to support the possibility of doing this, but it doesn’t matter because the “what if?” factor is often all they need to get someone to part with their hard earned cash, particularly if they’ve been unsuccessful in attempting to lose weight in the past.

Now that doesn’t mean I’m saying Revital U Smart Coffee is hot garbage (not yet, at least).

It means I’m saying it’s NOT a miracle drink. It isn’t going to melt body fat, nor can it over-rule a poor diet. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways it could potentially help with weight loss.

Let’s take a look at what’s in the tub.

I’ll show you the formula below. The two main ingredients here are caffeine (100mg) and chromium (200mcg). Caffeine will boost energy output, leading to a greater calorie burn throughout the day, while chromium is included because it has appetite suppressing benefits, so you eat less s**t (and therefore consume less calories… TA-DA!).

It also gives you a blend of amino acids and herbs, but the formula is hidden behind a proprietary blend which means they are unlikely to be sufficiently dosed to provide any real benefits.

Revital U Smart Coffee



In a nutshell; NO.

Your local Revital U salesperson would love for you to believe that their “magic drink” is causing your weight loss success, but the truth is YOU ARE.

You see, if you show me somebody who has lost weight with Revital U Smart Coffee, I’ll show you someone who has lost weight by controlling their calories (whether they were aware of it or not).

“But what about those so-called ‘fat burning’ ingredients, Russ?”

Yeah, not so much.

Any increase in calorie burn from 100mg caffeine would be minimal at best, and the appetite suppressing benefits of chromium are only unlocked if you actually have a chromium deficiency (otherwise you don’t need to supplement it), which most people do not – even then, you’d want a daily dose of around 1000mcg per day which is 5x higher than the dose in a cup of Smart Coffee. (10, 11, 12, 13)

Sure you could have a mighty 5 scoops, but your tub would be empty in less than a week, and this would also go against Revital U’s own advice to “just have 1 scoop per day.” So don’t do that.

Now about that “fat burner” tag. Supplement companies often label ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract as “FAT BURNERS”, even though there’s several decades of academic research proving they only play a small role in the fat burning process (no matter how small, the fact that it exists means they can legally say it). It might lead to a few extra calories being burned throughout the course of an entire day, but it’s certainly not a silver bullet – and shame on the people who tell you otherwise! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

Also, how much ENERGY will you derive from 100mg caffeine?

In a world where most people smash energy drinks and sip coffee like it’s going out of fashion, that’s a pretty small dose. In a 2012 meta-analysis published in the Strength & Conditioning Journal (which looked at more than 70 clinical trials on caffeine supplementation for performance improvements), researchers concluded that we need a minimum 2.1mg per kg body weight to see ANY training benefits at all. That means a person weighing 175lbs requires a “low end” dose of 168mg caffeine, which is markedly higher than the dose provided by Smart Coffee. (9)


As for the inclusion of amino acids and herbs… the term “hit & miss” comes to mind.

This so-called “fat burning matrix” is a proprietary blend combination of choline, l-theanine, rhodiola rosea and garcinia cambogia.

These are all safe ingredients, and some of them are genuinely pretty good, but it hurts Revital U’s credibility to conceal the formula behind a proprietary blend. This is a known supplement industry loophole which allows manufacturers to fairy dust their products with insufficient doses and then make bogus claims about what the product can do.

(Rest assured, if an ingredient is fully dosed they will tell you!)

For example, we could add 1mg caffeine to a bottle of water and call it an “energy drink” – because caffeine does have links to increase energy, even though this dose would be completely useless and wouldn’t unlock those benefits.

It’s a shady business, so heed my warning:

Any company using a proprietary blend in this day and age is flat out lying to you.

Revital U Smart Coffee weight loss

And this is something which Revital U do (in detail) on their sales page.

In the ingredient glossary on their website, Revital U claim that choline supports mental focus, increased energy, better cognitive health, and reduced food cravings. This is all true, but what they conveniently don’t mention is that it takes a daily dose of 500mg-2000mg to see those benefits, with a reduction in cravings only seen near the top end of this scale. (15, 16, 17)

Next up is l-theanine. This is a favourite ingredient of mine because it has an uncanny ability to combat the “caffeine crash”, but it’s somewhat redundant in Smart Coffee because you will not get much of a crash from 100mg caffeine anyway. It simply allows the brand to make claims about “clean energy” and “no crash”. (18)

Next we have another favourite of mine; Rhodiola Rosea. This herb has been shown to drastically improve mood while lowering perceived exertion during exercise, allowing you to train slightly harder than normal. You’ll need a dose of around 100-200mg to see those benefits, but unfortunately Revital U have hidden the dosage so I can only imagine that’s because it’s below the required threshold. (22, 23, 24)

Finally, we get Garcinia Cambogia.

Consider this ingredient the supplement industry’s “next big fat burner”… of 1998. Early studies (in rats) hinted at potential use as a fat loss supplement, but in the years since then it has been universally debunked as all human trials failed. It turns out we don’t work the same way. To get around this, Revital U instead choose to play heavily on the appetite suppressing benefits of hydroxycitric acid (HCA; which is located inside Garcinia Cambogia), but any lingering hopes for HCA being an effective appetite suppressor were chalked out in a series of well-conducted trials way back in the early 2000s. (19, 20, 21)

Revital U business opportunity

Is Revital-U Smart Coffee Expensive?

Surprisingly so.

The product costs pennies to make, but a one month supply is retailed at £49.99. Ouch!

You could get both of the key ingredients (caffeine & chromium) on their own for considerably less.

Don’t believe me?

Link. Link. Done.

This is not simply a case of Revital U being greedy, but instead being very smart. They’ve adopted a similar home based business opportunity (MLM) to the one which Juice Plus used to grow at an exponential rate a few years ago, and the elevated price tag covers the product development cost while also ensuring sales reps are paid for sharing the product with their friends.

(Hence your message from “Jane”)

This feature has enabled Revital U to grow pretty fast as a company, but they have also inadvertently opened the gates of hell.

I’ll explain…

As you can see in my breakdown above, we DO NOT have a miracle weight loss product here – and in fairness to Revital U, they don’t really claim otherwise. Sure, they over-hype some of the potential benefits of Smart Coffee, but I’ve definitely seen worse.

The real problems come from sales reps looking to take advantage of the lucrative affiliate rewards on offer.

Heck, as you can probably imagine, if you encourage unqualified sales affiliates to start dishing out nutrition advice to the masses with potential financial rewards for how many they sign up, it doesn’t take long before it turns into the f**king Wild West.

A quick scroll through social media will reveal posts containing all kinds of weird weight loss sorcery from f**knuckles who will quite literally say anything to clinch a sale.

Check out the corker below:

“Michelle has lost 20lbs since starting Smart Coffee! NO diet, NO exercise, just one cup of Smart Coffee per day!”

Really?! They never created a negative energy balance?

If this was true, this particular sales rep would not be trying to sell coffee to her pals on Facebook, but instead be on her way to collect a Nobel Prize for being the first human to ever defy the law of thermodynamics. We are literally hardwired that way. It’s kinda like someone saying they have a product which can help you live without oxygen. (14)

Oh, and I’m just getting warmed up with these motherf**kers…

Aside from the bogus advice, another shady tactic is to invent fake qualifications in order to position themselves as an authority and gain the trust of customers.

Cast your mind back to pushy parent at your kids’ school who started selling detox drinks (there’s always one) and suddenly calls herself a ‘wellness coach’…

Stuff like this drives me INSANE.

In this instance, the person who made those crazy weight loss claims above rather marvelously called themselves a ‘Smart Coffee Consultant’.

The f**k is one of those?

Well, I can tell you what it’s NOT… it’s NOT a qualification which enables you to hand out nutrition advice to strangers.

So please be careful out there… it’s mental!

revital u smart coffee review


Revital U have not necessarily made a terrible product.

Trust me… I’ve seen worse!

At least Smart Coffee shows potential by containing useful ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea and l-theanine, albeit in too small of a dose to be maximally effective, but like I said, it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever seen.

However, that doesn’t mean I can give it a great review…

Smart Coffee is grossly over-priced and several key nutrients are critically under-dosed (for this price you’d want them to be bang on!), and then there’s the absolute s**tshow of bogus advice being bandied around by uneducated sales reps looking to cash in on people who are desperate to lose weight.

That’s why it joins the famous “one star club”.

And I’m sure this review will be met with uproar from sales reps “consultants” (sounds less scammy, see?) who claim that Smart Coffee really can help you lose weight by defying human physiology, and that it really can “energize you from within”… so that’s precisely why I cited 24 clinical studies to back up everything I’ve said in this review.

Thanks for reading it.



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Responses to “Revital U Smart Coffee Review – The Only HONEST Review Online!”

  1. Claudine Santi avatar
    Claudine Santi

    Can’t thank you enough. Friend of mine tried sellign this exact product to me (through Facebook message, HAHAHA!) so I shared this with her and now she at least knows I’m not interested but we can still be friends.

  2. Rob Holdsworth avatar
    Rob Holdsworth

    Bang on yet again.

  3. Billy Hampston

    Would you recommend a different product in terms of mood enhancemen? I’ve used this as it helped me be more productive at work (nothing for weight loss), but now I see what you mean about the prop blend likely blunting effectiveness of ingredients, is there anything which you say can do the job better?

    Thanks man!

    1. Russ Howe PTI avatar

      Big fan of formulas which can help with cognitive improvements, and to be honest in the future if the doses in this formula are bumped up to clinical levels then it could be a decent contender in that niche (although still over-priced). As of right now, the best in this category is AML Dopa Rush.

  4. Paul Gibbons avatar
    Paul Gibbons

    How is this an honest review?
    Have you ever even tried the product?
    I have and lost 34Lbs in 60 Days and went from a tight 38″ waist to a 34″ waist.

    1. Russ Howe PTI avatar

      Ah, that’s great to hear.
      My admin advises she also removed the affiliate link from your comment 👍

  5. Melinda T avatar
    Melinda T

    OMG, laughed my a** off at “Jane” 😀 Another great breakdown Russ, fun and knowledge at the same time.

  6. Angela Matthews avatar
    Angela Matthews

    I used it a few months ago and my mood did improve but I didn’t get any weight loss from it. Which is pretty much what you’ve said there.

  7. Rosie Barnes

    Thank you Russ for calling out the poor science. I appreciate the time you put into this, great advice!

  8. Audrea avatar

    Do you not think that the supplement industry as a whole needs better regulation for sales reps just saying whatever they want?

    1. Russ Howe PTI avatar

      Absolutely, but this would take a mammoth effort from whoever was trying to regulate it. The internet is a huge place.

  9. Cristine avatar

    I have used Revitalu coffee, and it jelped me with weight loss WITHOUT doing anything else, including dieting. You are completely wrong on your review. I know it seems too good to ne true, but it works for me! I highly recommend this coffee!

    1. Russ Howe PTI avatar

      Please see final paragraph of review 👍

  10. Miranda J avatar
    Miranda J

    Thank you SO MUCH! My friend (who sold me this) was telling me that I must be doing something wrong as they worked for her but I lost nothing. Now I know that I simply wasn’t in a calorie deficit whereas she was. Saved me another £50, gracias!

  11. ISMAEL avatar

    …you are so right about the over pricing and under dosing… It took 1/2 my life yo figure it out… Keep putting out there to save people from spending their life savings & time -above all to sell this non effective products…

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